Wear Luck

What if the clothes you wore could truly reflect the way you feel? In other words, why not wear clothing with a purpose? Wear Luck is an apparel company that offers stylish shirts with positive messages and visual encouragement, like nothing else in your closet. Wear Luck started in the late ‘90s as a company specializing in shirts with humor and holiday themes. Eventually, the creators decided they wanted to design apparel that might mean something more to people.


wear luck

“We thought of things that make people happy or make them feel lucky—colors, symbols, phrases,” says Michelle Hastings.
When they debuted the new line, people responded to it immediately. Listening to customer reactions has been integral to the brand’s success. “We’re adaptable,” says Michelle, “so if one shirt is selling well in one color, we’ll ask people on social media what other colors they would like, and add them.”

Social media is not only a powerful marketing tool, but also allows customers to share their experiences in more personal ways. One customer even contacted Wear Luck to report her actual luck: she won a cruise while wearing one of their shirts.

“We love hearing people’s stories,” she says. “If we know why and when people wear our shirts, we get ideas for new shirts that our customers will enjoy.” One concept often leads to another shirt with the phrase “doing what you love and doing it often” led to a shirt about spending quality time with family.

Wear Luck offers its customers more than just inspiration and positivity. When a frequent customer, who also happened to be a breast cancer survivor, went in for follow-up appointments, she always wore the same shirt, like a lucky penny. It gave her strength, she told Wear Luck. Not just a fashion statement, the company’s shirts can help turn negative experiences into something hopeful.

“Why not do everything you can to manifest something good in your life,” she explains. “Let’s say you’re a single girl and you’re going to a place with a bunch of single guys. Why not wear a shirt that makes you feel like meeting someone? Something flirty, or anything you want, for that matter.”

If you can stack the cards in your favor, or at least give yourself a personal boost of confidence that sounds at least worth the price of a shirt to me. What’s next for Wear Luck? First, a men’s line. Men need luck too, after all. Visit the Wear Luck website at www.wearluck.com to find a shirt that makes you feel lucky.