Bridal Blooms: Pink Perfection

Pink has long been the go-to color choice for bridal showers and weddings alike, and for good reason: the color pink is happy, romantic, delicate, and best of all, doesn’t overwhelm in photographs. However, where the wedding itself tends to err on the subtle pale and neutral blush side of the pink spectrum, the bridal shower can have a little more punch! Here are some of my favorite ways to embrace the pink tradition while still maintaining a lot of personality.

Rustic Wildflowers
The contrast of very elegant, structured flowers with slightly messy wildflowers is one of my favorites. Pair classic orchids and roses with seeded eucalyptus and delicate wildflower stems for a look that is countryside romantic and perfect for any bride with a love for nostalgia.

Beautiful Brights
Throwing a shower for a bride with a wild side? Why not add a major pop of color! A stunning bright pink can be absolutely gorgeous, especially when paired with some interesting neutrals. I love using Snow on the Mountain, with its variegated white and green leaves, as it’s unusual and beautiful. Pepper in some pale-pink hyacinths or roses to tie everything together and you have a stunning arrangement fit for any bridal event.  

Summer Bounty  
One of the best things about pink flowers is that they mix so perfectly with a variety of colors. From lavenders and lilacs to reds and oranges, pink unites these colors for an arrangement that is bold, elegant and reflective of whatever theme you choose. I love pink and orange peonies paired with romantic red roses and mauve hydrangeas. Add in some pale greens to blend the colors together and you have a gorgeous and unique summer bouquet!

Babydoll Classics
Want to stick with the classic pale pink and white? There are so many ways to do this that are chic and beautiful, from traditional tea roses to orchids. I love a relaxed springtime approach to this color combo — try pale pink and white tulips paired with white hyacinths and hydrangeas for a full, beautiful display that is just the right amount of fun.