Age(less) 30s

driven, ambitious, approachable

RPM abbreviates more than just revolutions per minute—it’s also Rae Pardini Matson’s initials. Befitting, considering that the new mom and founder of RPM Public Relations is always functioning at full capacity. Everything she does puts her family first, and she considers both her clients and employees as family. Sex and the City’s infamous publicist, Samantha Jones, claimed, “Your 30s are to learn the lessons.” Each life decade brings new lessons, but it’s safe to say that Rae has already mastered one of the greatest struggles for working women: being present. By practicing holistic wellness, she is an example to women everywhere.


Rae Pardini Matson


A point of connection.

PR was a natural career choice for Rae. “I’ve always enjoyed connecting people; introducing mutual friends and family, with hopes for them to build a relationship in some way. I feel that translates to what I do. I love making connections for my clients—whether that’s through the media, social media, brand partnerships, or community efforts. Seeing those relationships blossom is EVERYTHING.”

Thoughts on 30s.


When Rae turned 30, she found that her priorities instantly shifted. “My friend Teni Karapetian told me years ago, ‘The 20s are mine.’ That really resonated with me … They were a time to be selfish, a time to find my life partner, and a time to explore my career. Now in my 30s, and having our baby girl when I was 30 years old, has completely changed my perspective on life. Every decision I make in life I now think about how that could impact my husband, my daughter, my family, my business...”

Having it all means being present.

“There’s this huge misconception that as a working mom you can ‘have it all,’ and in this new season of life as a mama, I’m really trying to work on being present—both at work and at home … I don’t want my daughter to grow up always seeing her mommy on her phone or laptop. Really taking the time to give those around you 100% of yourself is what I’m really trying to work on.” Rae makes herself be present by diligently living by her calendar. “If it’s not on my calendar, it’s not happening. I even schedule personal time on my calendar for self-care.”


For Rae, self-care is the key to balance, which allows wellness to thrive. “My wellness routine includes morning meditations, trying to eat clean (keyword: trying), hydrating, taking my daily vitamins and probiotics, and exercising daily (Bar Method, HIGH Fitness, or RIDE54 cycling classes) … The Calm meditation app has been life-changing for me … As much as I would love to meditate every morning and workout every day at the same time, those luxuries change when you have a baby … But, I will say—no matter what, you can ALWAYS make time for yourself.” At least once a week, Rae tries to take an Epsom Salt bath. “It helps excrete toxins, and is super relaxing. It’s a treat for me!”

Food is fuel.

Extensive food-allergy testing revealed that Rae has sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, and some nuts. “I know it sounds like a daunting task to eat that clean, but having our client Model Meals and being familiar with the Whole30 lifestyle has been super helpful … I was extremely diligent in eating clean, whole foods, and found that I felt amazing, had endless amounts of energy and I was way more productive with my thinking and decision-making.” So when temptation comes calling, “I overcome my wellness struggles by reminding myself of how good I feel, and how much more productive I am, when I eat clean and exercise regularly … Food of course is my fuel, and I’d be lying if I said I ate that clean every day. I do indulge every once in a while...everything in moderation, right?!”


Prep for success.

One thing’s certain—Rae knows how to stay ahead of the game, and that even translates to her choice of products. She swears by these items to be her best self:

1. Arbonne Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks; “Thanks to my sister/Arbonne rep Alicia Fisher! You’d never know I had a sleepless night.”

2. Ice; “After you’ve washed your face, take a cube of ice and massage your face. It helps suppress inflammation and feels amazing. I do this nightly.”

3. Drybar Dry Shampoo

Community over competition.

This blonde is already known for always looking fantastic, but she hopes to “leave a legacy that’s all about community over competition. I hope those will remember me as someone who strongly believes that if you manifest your goals and work hard, you can achieve them, no matter what life’s circumstances dish you.”

Just ask.

“My mentor, friend, and former boss, Genelle Taylor Kumpe, gave me the best advice. She told me, ‘It never hurts to ask, the worst thing they could say is no.’ That … really stuck with me since starting and building my business. You never know what people are going through and where they want to be...unless you ask.”