LUX Glamp: True&Co Introduces Next Generation of Nomadic Retail

True&Co’s Glamp is the next generation of nomadic retail, inspired by the California culture of adventure, sunshine and Michelle’s spontaneous camping trips it was created with a mission to reimagine the female shopping experience.

The Glamp was dreamt up with our collaborators whilst the Try-On Truck campaign was in motion as there was a need for a more flexible experience to showcase the intimate world of True&Co.

The tent, our nomadic fitting room and retail space has been made with girl power in mind. Modular, lightweight and made out of recycled sailcloth it can be set up and broken down by one woman. 

Offering fit therapy on the fly, we are creating a breezy and beautiful relaxed experience for women to find lingerie made for her individual size and shape, as what makes her unique makes her beautiful.


Steve GalindoComment