LUX Fall Forecast: Hair Trends

There's something about entering a new season that makes us want to switch up our hair vibe! So what's one of the first things on the list besides re-inventing your wardrobe? Calling up that trusty stylist for a much needed spot in the magic chair. For some inspo, let's check into some trending styles and colors as the leaves start to drop and the air begins to chill.


1. Texture - It’s no wonder texture is so popular: it’s cute, chic, fun, works on any hair type or ethnicity, and camouflages a bad hair day in a snap. After all, working with your hair (and a little bit of texturing pomade, gel, wax, or cream) is so much easier than fighting it!

2. Hair Knots - Not to be confused with an ouchy knot, this is a deliberate knot. And it's the hottest A-list hair trend of the season: everyone's wearing tidy topknots!

3. Waves - Effortless-looking waves with brushed-out cashmere texture are the go-to look.

4. Antique Hair Candy - Vintage charms are looking very much alive, infused in those lush locks. Get creative and accessorize!

5. Ripple - Old school marcel waves, made popular by flappers and '20s film stars and skillfully created with a rotating iron, are back in a softer finger wave form. HOW TO: Make a deep side part and work gel through the front section, then take a comb and shape the hair around your face in S-formation. Clip the curves in place to set them; remove and mist with hairspray when you're ready to go!

6. Side Lines - The modern woman is independent and self-assured—and her hair should be, too. Enter the strong, precise side part.


1. Light Hair, Dark Roots - Visible roots are all the rage. It's looking more like a striking style statement VS shrug-of-the-shoulders.

2. Creamy Blonde - It's the milky blend of platinum and blonde. And it's an easy option for ladies looking to enhance their platinum color.

3. Raven Black - Sleek, vampy and elegant.

4. Honey Highlights - Golden highlights are all a glow this Fall!

5. Bronde - This hue was definitely buzzed about over the last year. It's a low-maintenance, soft blend of blonde and brunette that is still going strong!