Holiday Gift Guide

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

With a hit of the nozzle and a few passes over your hair, this flash-dry formula delivers luscious texture, grip, lift and thickness ... without weighing down a single strand. Use it after a blow-dry for additional volume, or grab it on Day Two for instant “oomph.”

joico hair shake



Product Name: Joico Hair Shake Price: $18.00
Description: Add texture and volume with Hair Shake, a unique liquid-to-powder finishing texturizer. Hair Shake is the perfect choice for any hair type, texture or color. This product will create great texture for your hair for amazing beachy waves with added volume.
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joico pink dust




Name: Joico Pink Dust Shimmering Finishing Spray
Price: $8.00
Description: This shimmer spray adds brilliant shine and luminous shimmer to hair with an ultra-light hold.
Key Ingredients: Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex
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The Perfect Gift for Mom

Give your mom a holiday present that will last year-round. Vitality Institute’s VI Derm products
from the leader in medical skincare has succeeded in manufacturing an innovative line of products that reverse and prevent skin aging, for beautiful skin that lasts a lifetime. Skin that is properly maintained by chemical peel treatments on a regular basis and appropriate daily care stays healthy, youthful and radiant at any age. Give mom the VI Derm Cleanser for younger, healthier skin than she’s ever had before.

cleanser vi derm

Name: VI Derm Cleanser for ALL Skin Types
Price: $30.00
Description: This aloe-based gel cleanser effectively removes dirt, makeup and impurities from the skin. Packed with antioxidants, the VI DERM Cleanser for ALL skin types is sulfate- and paraben- free, leaving the skin refreshed, revitalized and radiant.
Key Ingredients:
Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Extract, Glycolic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Green Tea, Malic Acid, Pro-Vitamin B-5, Vitamin A, Vitamin E
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The Perfect Holiday Present for that Little Beauty Junkie

Instead of spending your money on lashes that you are just going to toss after one application, why not invest in premium, luxury, high-quality lashes that will last the use of over 25 applications and leave you looking beautiful? Artémes Lashes are the creators of the most sought-after luxury, ready- to-wear lashes.

premium eyelashes

The New Premium Lash Has Arrived In The US- ARTEMES LASHES
Founded in 2015, Artémes is the creator of luxury, ready-to-wear lashes. Renowned for their impeccable design and craftsmanship, each pair of Artémes lashes carries unparalleled artisanal quality and meticulous design preserving the original softness, durability and quality of the mink fur. Artémes lashes are crafted using the finest ethically sourced mink hairs, ensuring there is no unnatural handling of the minks. Every strand is individually hand-selected and sterilized during the mink’s biannual natural molting cycle to create the world’s most luxurious, natural looking lashes.

Skilled artisans guarantee each pair of Artémes lashes preserve the original softness, durability and quality of the mink fur. Artémes lashes will keep its natural softness, fullness and shape for up to 25 uses with proper care.

To preserve the elite quality of the mink fur, Artemes lashes are individually stored in a handcrafted leather case protected by a velvet pouch, complete with a care card to extend the life of your Artemes lashes.

The Perfect Gift for Women of All Ages

Daniel Rainn is a highly sought-after, contemporary brand catering
to the stylish modern woman. Launching as a soft, feminine blouse collection Daniel Rainn now holds a full line of on-trend tops, dresses and jackets. Daniel Rainn’s aesthetic is both modern and timeless in its appeal, and draws its influence from feminine boho-chic lifestyles while successfully maintaining a fresh approach to fashion. The fashion line’s inspiration comes from the runway but also from the effervescent street fashion, and transforms these concepts into garments that are ready-to-wear and on-trend with the current contemporary market.

daniel rainn

WHAT: Daniel Rainn was created by Founder, Mandy Wang, and Creative Design Director, Daniel Norzagaray, in 2008. Based out of Los Angeles, the brand is comprised of detailed and constructive pieces that are soft, chic and feminine, yet also effortlessly sexy and cool.
WHERE TO BUY: CELEBRITY FANS: Christina Milian, Molly Simms, Melissa Joan Hart, Zendaya, Melissa McCarthy
PRICE POINT: $32-100