Apps For The New Year

We could say that you should unplug in 2016. Take time to be a part of what’s around you. Appreciate the here and now. But then we’d sound like every other New Year’s magazine issue. Here at CVLUX, we like to be honest; you’re busy, your phone is your lifeline and if it was glued to your hand you probably wouldn’t notice for a day or two. Why not make your addiction work for you by downloading one (or all) of these seven apps in the New Year? We promise they will be more rewarding than stalking your high school crush on Facebook.

1. BriefMe

Staying informed is both imperative and increasingly impossible, thanks to social media updating the news every millisecond. Touting itself as “just the cream” of current events reporting, BriefMe’s Briefing Page gives you the top ten most shared news stories at that very moment. Whether you’re checking it last minute before a big work presentation, a dinner party, or a PTA meeting, BriefMe promises that you will walk into the room in-the-know.


With a thousand things to do, we know that sleep often falls by the wayside. Sleep smarter with, an alarm clock that wakes you up between sleep cycles, ensuring that your morning starts a little easier. Sure, there are a lot of apps that try to outsmart fatigue, but this one is so focused on the user experience that you can even contact the creator of the app directly on Facebook or Twitter. Imagine if you had a problem with your iCal, and you could shoot a message off to Steve Wozniak. If this app takes off, maybe Apple will take a leaf out of’s book.

3. Sworkit

Okay, here’s the part of the article where we sound like every other magazine. New year. New you. But instead of joining a gym you’ll never visit, or starting a juice cleanse that’ll make you cranky, download Sworkit instead. Sworkit offers pre-built and custom workouts that require absolutely NO equipment. Better yet, YOU get to set the time limit for your workouts, so it totally fits into your schedule. Plus, every workout comes with an instructional video, so even workout newbies can easily follow along. If you’re not sold yet, here’s the kicker: Sworkit even has a kids’ app, filled with games and activities that’ll get your little ones moving. An app that gets the little ones tuckered out and more agreeable at bedtime? We’re sold.

4. Headspace

Just because you’re on your phone all the time doesn’t mean you can’t do a little soul-searching while you’re there. Introducing Headspace, a meditation app that’s so approachable even the mindfulness-averse might want to take a shot at it. Hailed as “the gym membership for your mind,” Headspace has hours of exercises that you can tune to your personal tastes and lifestyle. You can pick exercises that match your current mood and you can even customize the length of an exercise, because Headspace is all about a meditation journey that’s right for you. Plus, you get to keep track of your own progress and your friend’s, with rewards for reaching meditation milestones. Nothing like a little friendly competition to keep your journey to Zen interesting.

5. Clue

Smartphones help you keep track of your sleep, your workouts, and the foods you eat, so why not get a little tech-y with your period? Clue period tracker allows you to map out your monthly cycle, highlighting the days you are more likely to get pregnant or PMS. You can even log how your moods change throughout the month, so you can finally figure out if Aunt Flow’s visit affects your temper.

6. Roadtrippers

Apps are great when they help your daily routine, but even better if they enhance a family vacation. Enter Roadtrippers, a way to plan a driving trip of any length. Map your route and Roadtrippers helps you book hotels along the way. This savvy app even gives suggestions for fun, off-the-beaten-path destinations to visit while you get from point A to point B. To top it off, Roadtrippers estimates the cost of gas so you know exactly how much you’re spending on your route.

7. Scoops

This list wouldn’t be complete without an app for the kids, but you might be surprised at how much you love Scoops, too. Stack as many ice cream scoops as you can, and try and get the same flavors on top of each other for added points. The catch? It gets harder to do, the taller the stack gets. If you liked Candy Crush, why not try something else that’s sweet?