High Profile: Greer Grammer

CVLUX caught up recently with Greer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey Grammer & Barrie Buckner. Following in the footsteps of her famous father, Kelsey Grammer, known for playing Dr. Frasier Crane of Frasier, and Greer’s half-sister, Spencer Grammer, of ABC’s Family’s Greek, Greer is starring in the hit MTV series, Awkward. This highly popular show is entering its fifth season. In 2014 Greer graduated from University of Southern California with a degree in Theater Arts and in 2015 the Hollywood Foreign Press announced she was Miss Golden Globe. This Summer’s viewers will be able to see Greer on Awkward (MTV), as well as Melissa & Joey (ABC).

CVLUX: So tell me about your first name.

GREER: Well, my Mom loved movies of the 40’s & 50’s. One of her favorite actresses was Greer Garson of the celebrated movie, Mrs. Miniver and Good Bye Mr. Chips. I was named after her.


CVLUX: Did you always want to be an actress?

GREER: I always wanted to be an actress and to perform. I love watching old movies on Turner Classic Movies, with beautiful actresses whom I admire like Grace Kelley and Audrey Hepburn. I really need to get back to that... I really do love singing and music.

CVLUX: You always look stunning when on the red carpet, or wherever. Do you have a stylist or make up person to help you and do you have a favorite designer you like to be seen wearing?

GREER: I have done my makeup and hair for a long time, but now, yes, I do have professional people who help augment my look. I really like the clothes of Alice + Olivia and Ted Baker.

CVLUX: What’s the best advice you can give?

GREER: Don’t compare yourself to others. There are so many times when I scroll through my Instagram and look at girls in magazines and think, “I’m not pretty enough; I have this; what’s wrong with me; I have that,” and that’s something that I’ve really tried to stop. I used to be a very, very insecure teenager, but I feel like you have to get to this place where you’re okay with who you are... You don’t need to be like everyone else.

CVLUX: Is there one person who had the biggest impact on your life?

GREER: My parents of course had a huge impact on my life, but honestly, I’d say it would probably have to be my friend who was the nicest, kindest, genuinely good person I’ve ever met and passed away a couple of years ago. It had a huge effect on my life and just really made me realize that I need to live every day, not even to its fullest, but just in a more positive light.

CVLUX: What do you think would make the world a better place?

GREER: I believe the world would be a lot better if people had more tolerance for one another. Everybody is different... but it’s about tolerance- understanding that we’re all people at the end of the day, and that that’s all right.