Necessary Luxury: The Icon and the Iconoclasts

The Louis Vuitton Collection, “Celebrating Monogram,” created unprecedented excitement when it was unveiled, mostly because of the six renowned and creative geniuses that were given carte blanche to conceive their own inspired pieces for the collaborative collection. Available for a limited time, Louis Vuitton tasked fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Louboutin, Rei Kawakubo, as well as architect, Frank Gehry, photographer, Cindy Sherman and industrial designer, Mark Newson, with creating a one-of-a-kind bag blending both their unique aesthetic with the spirit of the brand.

Enter one of our favorite bags, a la Christian Louboutin. For his contribution, Louboutin produced a flawless marriage of both his signature red with Louis Vuitton’s iconic “Monogram.” This perfect Parisian shopping bag features a stunning back panel of red calf hair styled impeccably with a studded outer pocket and leather ribbons.