High Profile: Dina Juve

dina juve

In January, Women’s Health began its third annual nationwide talent search to find the “Next Fitness Star.” After receiving thousands of submissions, the competition has been narrowed down to five amazing finalists who will be featured on the flip cover of the July/August issue of Women’s Health magazine. Dina Juve was selected as one of the Top Five picks for Women’s Health “Next Fitness Star.” Please vote for Dina at www.thenextfitnessstar.com.

CV Luxury caught up with Dina during her online filming for Women’s Health. Dina Juve is 41 years old, a mother of four, and is proud to state she lost 80 pounds 20 years ago and has successfully kept it off. She has encountered many obstacles in her life including psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and autoimmune disease.

13 years ago, Dina had the opportunity to change careers, embracing her true passion of studying health and fitness. Kettlebells is only one of the training tools she specializes in. It is a unique certification that has proven to provide fast results to her clients. Melissa Oberti, a previous client of Dina’s, lost 20+ pounds, toned up faster than any other workout she had tried previously, and became immediately addicted.

Dina and Melissa partnered three years ago to form Fitness- Social Studio and FitnessSocial online services. One of the main goals when planning the studio was to make sure that everyone who came through the door felt comfortable, no matter what size or shape they were, regardless of their fitness, health or wellness journey. Those goals are still upheld every day at the studio and clients find the studio to be a safe and nurturing environment in which to help them reach their fitness and nutritional goals.

Dina has developed many weight loss plans and fitness pro- grams, classes and tools, but her priority is always that each plan is individually customized so clients may achieve their individual goals and feel their own success. Although Dina still deals with multiple health issues, fitness and healthy eating have been her main form of medicine. She has every excuse to not exercise and live an unhealthy lifestyle, but she now feels better at age 41 than when she was 21.

CVLUX: Tell me your Sun Sign.

Dina: I am an Aquarian through and through, born 2/11/74. I am very independent, adventurous, compassionate, passionate and creative. My passion is to change the world by helping others achieve their personal goals, whether that is losing weight, moving better, improving their health, feeling incredible or just living a happier life. My creativity comes out in how I design individual plans for my clients. It is all in the results, not the hype. If I cannot prove something works through my research and testing theories, then I won’t bring it into FitnessSocial.

dina juve fitness star

CVLUX: Tell me about your family.

Dina: I am married to my loving husband, John, and I am so blessed with 4 incredible children: Tommy (23), Tyler (10), Trevor (7) and my angel baby girl, Anna. I also consider my niece, Daisha, who came to live with us at 15, my daughter, too.

CVLUX: What do you consider your best asset?

Dina: One of my best assets is my heartfelt commitment and determination in supporting others to succeed in fitness, weight loss, toning up, overall wellness and/or just being happier with themselves. This is my true passion and my belief about why I
was put on this earth. I love supporting people as they achieve their personal goals by being their mentor and cheerleader through the rough spots. It is not always easy, but I try to make it as easy as I can for them. I had everything stacked against me...I broke down walls, and they can, too!

CVLUX: Tell me about the most difficult time of your life.

Dina: Losing my daughter will always be the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Losing 80 lbs and changing my life was also very difficult because I had to make so many changes to live a healthy life. I started changing my life by taking “I can’t” out of my vocabulary. I can’t diagram a sentence, either. I had to take grammar and I thought I’d ace it. Barely got a B.

CVLUX: Finish this sentence: “The world would be a lot better...”

Dina: If everyone was more compassionate. We never know what someone has been through or the life they have lived. This doesn’t mean we are responsible for another’s happiness, their lives, or can allow them to bring us down, but we can be supportive, less judgmental, and act with love and kindness. Being caring and compassionate costs nothing, but can mean so much to someone else.