A Vanderpump Wedding

Lisa & Pandora Vanderpump invite you to share in their love for all things wedding-related... From their restaurant Pump’s most popular bachelorette cocktails to some of the hors d’oeuvres from Pan- dora’s wedding, the Vanderpumps have shared with us all their favorite elements for creating the perfect Beverly Hills wedding.

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Pandora’s Wedding

I can’t believe it has been so many years since Pandora got married. Some of you might remember the wedding, as we personally filmed it and some of the footage aired on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Pandora’s wedding, which we held at our home in Beverly Hills, was a gorgeous rose garden of subtle pink and pale green hues. We had so much fun creating a warm, romantic and unforgettable atmosphere. It really was the best day of all our lives.

One of the things we learned in the process was that organization is key. We really made sure to be extremely organized beforehand, so that on the day, we were all relaxed and had a fantastic time. Always remember that people don’t remember the small details that go wrong—in fact, they won’t even know if something does go wrong. Your guests will remember the ambiance and, most importantly, how the bride looked and felt. So, don’t stress over the small details and just focus on having the best night of your life!

Love Always,
Lisa Vanderpump

Sweet Décor & Gifts

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For me, personalization is always the key to hosting a bridal shower. There are so many things you can do to make the day special and really wow your guests.

I love décor that doubles as gifts for your guests to take home with them. One of the things I did the last time I threw a bridal shower was to make each place setting a gorgeous present for each of the attendees. We had an amazing playlist of the bride’s favorite music throughout the afternoon, so I made custom cds named, “An Afternoon to Remember” for each of the women.

I wrapped them in gorgeous bows with their names on them, essentially doubling as place settings.

Each place also had a vintage teacup filled with flowers and the guests could take the teacup home with them. Lastly, beautiful Compartes chocolate artisan bars pressed with flowers and dried fruit were placed on each plate, adding a stunning touch to each setting.

- Lisa

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Our Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts

For my wedding, I really wanted to spoil my bridesmaids. They’re your closest friends and family who are supporting you at one of the most important times of your life, so making them feel special was very import- ant to me! There’s nothing better than finding a gift with a little extra thought and personalization and here are some of my favorites!

- Pandora

Personalized Accessories from GiGi New York & Graphic Image

With amazing color and material options ranging from shimmery rose gold leather to patterned fuchsia, GiGi has an amazing port- folio of datebooks, clutches, luggage tags and more. Each item can be embossed with your bridesmaids’ initials for the perfect gift.

Kyle Chan Design Jewelry

Kyle Chan has some of our favorite jewelry, spanning every price range and taste imaginable. Perfect to have your brides- maids wear on the day of your wedding, these simple, gor- geous pieces are the ideal gift.

James Michelle Personalized Jewelry

One of our favorites, James Michelle Jewelry, is gorgeous and customizable. Ranging from hammered gold necklaces to simple, elegant cuff rings, James Michelle has something for everyone. I especially love the horoscope constellation necklaces featuring your bridesmaid’s star sign, or the hammered gold discs with their initials

The Ultimate Wedding Cocktail: LVP Sangria

The difficulty with wedding cocktails is usually making the decision between a fully-hosted bar, wine and beer, or signature cocktails. On the one hand, wine and beer can be a little uninspiring; on the other, liquor can be expensive! I love our gorgeous sangria as the perfect compromise for weddings—it has the feeling of a cocktail with the price tag and ABV of wine.

As a more interesting option for your guests, LVP is visually stunning served over ice with fruit and, because it is already prepared and bottled for you in Spain, it’s easy for your bartenders! Your guests will love sipping our perfectly wedding-themed pink rosé sangria with berries (or our red for a richer, more decadent option!) and it will add just a little something extra to your bar. Also, it’s the same alcohol con- tent as wine so, even though it has a kick, your guests won’t be getting too rowdy, too quickly!

- Pandora

100% Premium Spanish Wines. 100% Natural. No Added Sugar. LVP Sangria is available throughout the U.S and other countries. Check out www.LVPsangria.com to find it near you!

Lisa’s Favorite Sparkling Sangria Cocktail

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I love using LVP Sangria as a base for delicious cocktails—it makes a fabulous mixer. One of my favorite summertime cock- tails is The Pink Fizz. It’s a remarkably easy sparkling cocktail that is perfect for weddings! It’s a simple way to add a sexy, visual cocktail to your bar for your guests to enjoy without having to use liquor or breaking the bank.

- Lisa

The Pink Fizz

1 frozen raspberry
2 oz chilled LVP Pink Sangria
1 small lemon wedge
2 oz chilled Prosecco, Champagne or sparkling wine

1. Place the frozen raspberry into a Champagne coupe or martini glass.
2. Pour the Pink Sangria into the Champagne- coupe.
3. Squeeze the lemon into the drink and stir.
4. Top with Prosecco and stir slowly.

Hors d’Oeuvres

Photos by Rod Foster Photography

These are two of the delicious appetizers that we enjoyed at Pandora’s wedding. They were a big hit with our guests and looked gorgeous!

Salmon Rosettes with Caviar

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This is such an elegant hors d’oeuvre to share with your guests. Tiny slices of fresh salmon rolled into chic little flowers and topped with caviar...they are bite-size, light and delicious.

This idea can be so versatile in flavor, as well. Ask your caterer to play around with the flavors you wrap inside your salmon. We’ve tried rolls filled with wasabi and ginger, green onions and a dollop of crème fraîche, avocado and cucumber...you name it!

Tuna Tartare on Truffle Wonton Crisps

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This is one of our house specialties at Villa Blanca and makes an amazing appetizer to pass around during cocktail hour. Easy to pick up, fresh and delicious, they are a staple at most of our parties and perfect for weddings!

Your caterer can make their tuna tartare in many different ways, but we love ours with avocado, green onion and a drizzle of truffle oil!

pandora lisa vanderpump

Wedding Dress Spotlight: Ian Stuart

We love Ian Stuart wedding dresses... they are whimsical, romantic and so special. Pandora wore the one below, the Dauphine, on her wedding day and it was every- thing she had dreamed of. Ian also designed a stunning dress for me, The Vander- pump, which will be available in 2016.


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