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Fashion has become such a huge part of our lives. One can see a stunning dress in a store window which could have been inspired by a designer’s recent trip to an obscure island, a piece of art or family heirloom, or even the elegant and sexy style of a hotel in one of our top fashion capitals of the world.

With the fast-approaching Fashion Show season, we thought you’d like a glimpse into some of our city favorites ... each can be custom-planned around your personal needs and itinerary by our trusted friend and expert travel consultant, Martin Rapp, at ALTOUR.

Martin’s personal connections add amazing value to each property such as complimentary breakfast, room upgrade and spa credit.

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Bulgari Hotel

I fell in love with this property when walking the amazing streets of Milan, passing quaint yet stylish shops and restaurants, then making one turn on a private residential street before reaching this gorgeous garden oasis.

BULGARI MILAN, once a former 18th century palazzo, is sleek and suave but in a very subtle way. From the moment you walk in you are greeted with black marble and a roaring fire- place but also the most lovely staff and an intoxicating aroma (I love their candles!) to make you feel perfectly at home and comfortable.

As you make your way through the lobby, you come across my favorite aspect of the hotel - a gorgeous 4,000 square meter garden, a natural extension of the nearby botanical garden. This is such a perfect place to escape the busy streets of Milan and enjoy a relaxing breakfast or a delicious afternoon cocktail.

This boutique hotel also just completed a beautiful renovation of all their guest rooms, most of which offer mesmerizing views of the private garden below. You will also love unwinding in the newly renovated BULGARI Spa whether relaxing in the new outdoor Jacuzzis or swimming in the shimmering pool.

The entire property embraces such a peaceful serenity but never loses its style and grace.

Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York

New York’s new social stunner is the Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York. This absolutely gorgeous property opened in March of 2015 and is receiving nothing but amazing reviews. Of course, we would expect nothing less from the team producing the most beautiful crystal in the world. The hotel has truly exceeded expectations and I was blown away by my entire experience.

In the spirit of being perfectly honest, I was worried that the hotel would be over the top and on the verge of being a bit gaudy. I imagined crystal flaked walls and pretentious staff, a place I would want to visit for the pure theme of it but not one that I would feel completely comfortable enjoying my vacation or corporate travel in. I could not have been more wrong.

The entire hotel represents true luxury, finesse and precise attention to detail but there is nothing pretentious about it. Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York achieved an amazing feat in creating a lavish experience you are encouraged and, more importantly, welcomed, to enjoy.

The entire hotel feels like a dream to me. Rich lush colors, the freshest red roses in every corner, the sparkle of subtle yet mesmerizing crystal, sleek guest rooms of polished marble and custom made Mascioni jacquard linens.

And speaking of fashion, my favorite aspect of this elegant piece of art disguised as a hotel is the design concept of the staff uniforms. From the hostess at the restaurant wearing a backless-knee length black satin cocktail dress, to the chic and modern version of a 1950’s retro dress at the front desk, to the doormen wearing amazingly stylish floor length wool coats and luscious leather gloves, staff members are dressed impeccably.

What else could you ask for?

Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris

This hotel feels like a fairytale! Everything about it represents a whimsical and magical spirit among the hustle and bustle of Paris’s vibrant streets.

After a long day of shopping, eating, and enjoying the sites, I love walking into this glamorous hotel lobby that exudes elegance and style but in a modern day version of Alice in Wonder- land’s dream state.

While the fashion and design of Philippe Starck isn’t the preferred style for everyone, Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris presents his favorite concept of mine.

The colors are lighter and more romantic than some of his other properties; there are mirrors trimmed in ornate gold all over the hotel (and elevators) which give the illusion of even grander and more open spaces, and the open air kitchen of La Cuisine is incredibly enticing, as you can smell the chef’s master pieces as soon as you walk in.

In addition to having a lovely amorous quality throughout the property, there is also an element of rock and roll with the art bookstore, a guitar in every room, a private movie theater, and the amazing contemporary art gallery on site.

The public spaces throughout, including the indoor pool complete with a glass ceiling where guests in the garden can enjoy a glimpse of someone’s afternoon swim, are playful and alluring, while the décor in each room is relaxing and calm. The white linens and subtle touches of pink and violet are the perfect combination of beauty and grace within a hotel that already feels like a fantasy.

Fasano Sao Paulo

Of course Sao Paulo is a fashion capital of the world, with its vibrant culture and style, but Fasano is where the best qualities of the city and Brazil’s fashion elite come together. The hotel itself is charming, simple, and elegant as the design includes natural resources from the area with its wood paneled walls, warm colors and fabrics, English brickwork façade inspired by 1930s architecture, and complete sense of place.

As you arrive to Fasano, you immediately feel the escape from the rest of the city as you are transferred to an area with the best restaurants, shops, security, and upscale style.

And you don’t even have to leave the hotel in order to experience the best that Sao Paulo has to offer! You are a guest of two bars (with a club feel) and roaring fireplaces as soon as you step foot into the hotel. The reception desk appears even secondary to making you feel right at home as soon as possible. You are a guest of an elite members only club rather than a hotel.The hotel itself is the local favorite for beautiful people, the best Italian restaurant in South America, and a perfect place for live music and surprise guests.

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