One-On-One With #BOXYBOSS

Imagine being able to store your makeup in a functional but stylish way. Now imagine it can go further, and actually adapt to your personal needs. Hannah Serimian, creator of Boxy Girl, has the answer to your organizational prayers, and it’s not only functional, but classy and chic, too.

The Boxy Girl herself was born to a long line of entrepreneurs in California. In fact, she grew up more specifically in the furniture business. Her parents and grandparents both owned several furniture stores in California. While spending time in her family’s stores, at auctions and antique shows, Hannah developed a love for the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period pieces. This background has played a large role in the birth of Boxy Girl.

“The lines, colors, and geometry of the Art Deco movement had a significant influence on my ability to understand technique and design,” Hannah says. She further explains that she is inspired by periods where women personify both strength and femininity. This interface of form and style through imagery has highly influenced her artistic abilities. Hannah is not unlike many artists, inventors and entrepreneurs, in the sense that she noticed a need for a product that had not yet been invented, and dreamed it alive.

There are other makeup boxes, but they’re not like ours.
— Hannah Serimian

While competitors use cheap, glued plastic, Boxy Girl is made from high quality Lucite TM Acrylic. Most importantly, using the injection mold manufacturing process insures durability and exceptional quality. Another differentiating factor is that, “other boxes are single solid units, Boxy Girl is versatile: you can make the box taller or wider by adding extra stacks, choose either an opened or closed top, or rearrange the drawers by using the removable dividers.”

A busy, multi-tasking wife and mother of three, Hannah knows just how important adaptability truly is. “In my house,” she says, “we use one for the tv re- motes, my daughter uses one for her American Girl Doll dresses, and my son uses one for his Legos.” Adaptable is right.

Hannah grew up in the furniture business (her dad helped her build the prototype), but her back- ground in retail marketing is now coming in handy.

“We’re trying to do something unique,” she says, “encouraging our consumers to be a part of the branding process.”

That means an Instagram account where people can show their before and after makeup organization pictures, Youtube makeup tutorials, among other new and exciting interacting endeavors. Boxy Girl is currently available on the website, and in the spring, the company will do a national launch.

“My kids want to take it to show and tell,” Hannah says, and that makes sense to us. Once you see it, you’ll want to talk about it too.