Tranquil Meditation

The Golden Door Spa, a wellness institution since the 1950’s, recently underwent a 50 million dollar renovation. With its iconic pagodas and specialty one-on-one treatments, it continues to be a major innovator in the world of hospitality. The recent expansion might have something to do with the spa’s good karma: 100% of the net profit goes to eliminating child abuse.

The Golden Door Spa has consistently ranked number one in the world by Travel and Leisure for a reason: with only 40 rooms, a personal chef, 50 miles of trails and workshops in meditation and mindfulness, guests can truly enjoy a customized experience. In fact, the spa offers its guests personal trainers who provide customized workout sessions. Guests aren’t even required to bring anything—the spa will provide clothes and toothpaste, in case you’ve suddenly vaulted out of the rat race and landed on one of the spa’s lush green expanses.

The Golden Door Spa’s spokesperson, Kathy Vanneff, says that guests don’t just come to relax and unplug, but also to change their lives: “People come after a tragedy, or to get off coffee or cigarettes, you name it.”

The fact that a hospitality company could start a lifestyle brand that people actually want to be a part of - that’s really rare.
— Kathy Vanneff

Retail stores in Century City and La Jolla are set to open in the beginning of September. Ac- cording to Kathy, the new stores will be true to The Golden Door Spa experience, with all of the unique items you would normally enjoy as a spa guest. If you don’t get a chance to experience the famed spa in person, this is certainly the next best thing: spa living in everyday life.

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