All Is Bright: Elegant Touches for Gorgeous Holiday Tablescapes

Unique Place Settings. I love adding special touches to my holiday table; it makes guests feel welcomed and draws their attention to the beauty of the table. One easy way to do this is to wrap a small gift for each guest and place it on their plate. Use glittering boxes or bows in silver and gold so that the present matches the rest of the décor. Another way is to use tiny crystal frames with your guests’ names in them instead of place cards—it brings sparkle to the table and makes your friends feel spoiled.

Mix & Match. One of my favorite ways to give the table a feeling of depth and interest is to mix and match my plates. I love the combination of gold, silver and glass. The silver and glass frosts the table and makes it feel special and elegant, while the gold adds warmth and a touch of color. You don’t have to have matching dinner and salad plates; mixing and matching, as long as they’re complementary, is a fun way to make your table unusual and beautiful.

Embellished Runners. If you have a beautiful dining table, try using a runner instead of a tablecloth. There are some stunning embellished ones available with crystals or beads, and they’re the perfect backdrop for your candles and flowers!

Glittering Fabric. I always head to the fabric store before the holiday season and pick up a few yards of glittering silver, gold and bejeweled fabrics. It’s usually relatively inexpensive to buy half a yard of each fabric and it let’s you add a lot of variety to your table. Don’t worry about frayed edges; just tuck them under when you arrange the fabric around your center vase to give a very special, polished feel to your floral centerpiece.

Ornament Accents. Don’t limit ornaments to the tree! I love to use them on my tablescapes too—either place them around your vases, lean them against a glass, or use them as décor atop your napkins. Another fun way to make your table festive is to hang silver or gold ornaments from your light or chandelier. Use very thin, clear fishing wire and hang them at varying lengths over the table. It’s an easy way to create stunning visuals!

Features Editor Pandora Vanderpump