Reservations Not Required

A meal ‘out’ can be just that. Out of the house. Out of doors. Out of the rat race.

There are so many ways to make dining al fresco not just a delicious experience, but a luxurious one as well. It’s important to build the perfect picnic from the ground up. Like camping, you need the proper gear to survive, and by survive, I mean bask in all of nature’s gifts. Start with the right picnic blanket and make sure you use one that is specifically made for the outdoors. Another absolute essential is a a proper picnic basket which is furnished with cutlery, plates, napkins and glasses.

Of course the most important part of any picnic is the food. It’s fun to plan a picnic with unique food you don’t eat every day, such as caviar with creme friache on a cracker. Fruit and cheese are essential to any picnic and obviously a healthy choice. If you are serving Prosciutto, cantaloupe is an absolute must. Figs are a luxurious option because they are not a fruit most people eat everyday. Strawberries are always a great choice as they pair well with champagne and are easy to pack. There is nothing better than organic seasonal fuit from local farms.

The ultimate luxuries that money can’t buy are natural beauty and time to relax with those you love.

Nothing kills the mood of a picnic faster than accidentally sitting in something wet or dirty. A great picnic blanket is one that is waterproof, comfortable, and generously sized. Additional comforts may include a canopy and pillows. Take it one step further, add candlelight and music, and you have created the perfect experience.