Bridal Bubbly: The Perfect Summer Cocktail

This cocktail will be on repeat at every event I have this summer. It’s delightfully crisp and bubbly from the champagne, sweetly floral from the elderflower liqueur, and tart and fragrant from the fresh mint and lime. This special sparkling delight is feminine without being overly sweet and is the perfect way to dress up your bubbles with ease!


1⁄2 lime, sliced
Handful fresh mint
1⁄2 oz St. Germain liqueur 1 oz Vanderpump Vodka 3 oz Champagne


1. Add the lime wedges to a shaker with the mint leaves.
2. Add the St. Germain and muddle until the mint is broken up.
3. Add the vodka to the shaker and fill with ice.
4. Shake vigorously.
5. Strain into a champagne or cocktail glass
and top with champagne, slowly.
6. Add more St. Germain to sweeten, if necessary.
7. Enjoy!