My One And Only

Chris and I met through a mutual friend and it was the typical story of a guy romancing a girl. He pursued and I played hard to get.

After dating for a few months, he asked me to meet his family in New York and particularly, his grandmother who was very much the matriarch. In the hotel elevator, on the way to meet her, he awkwardly told me he loved me for the first time. I tried to alleviate the flustered aftermath by letting him know that he didn’t need to worry about saying the “L word” prematurely. Upon my entrance at his grandmother’s apartment, she immediately asked me to sit next to her. She took one of my hands in hers and cupped her other hand to my face. Looking at me sweetly and with the biggest grin she exclaimed, “She’s not like the others!” From that moment on, we all knew that my place in the family had been solidified. He proposed 9 months later.

We chose Carneros Inn in Napa Valley for our wedding venue because it felt like it had certain aesthetic elements of where we both were raised. Chris grew up in New York City, and I in Montana. The property has such a chic and upscale feel like the city, but is also loosely romantic like the country. We wanted the wedding to feel like we gathered a bunch of our closet friends and ran away to the countryside for the weekend. We got married in an apple orchard and danced underneath the light of a super moon!

Lifestyle Editor Pandora Vanderpump Sabo
Photography Jose Villa