Wonder Women

Women in the design industry have always been a force to be reckoned with. Fearless style, bold choices, strong shapes, vibrant colors, and every combination thereof, are informing current trends.

Now, more than ever, the power of a woman’s strong point of view is being exhibited in furniture, lighting, art, and every other aspect of visual media. It is an attitude that cannot, and will not, be ignored.

The allure of powerful women has been sought after, celebrated, and captured in the arts. Women continue to raise their voices to champion each other and to create beauty, style, and elegance in the world.

1. Accordion Pendant by Barbara Cosgrove
2. “Absolute” by Janet Roberts Fine Art  
3. Sue Firestone Chaise for A. Rudin  
4. Leopard Rug by Shay Geyer for Nourison   
5. Dingue de Guedin Candle by Marianne Guedin Paris              
6. Dior by Yves Saint Laurent