You're Formally Invited


When it comes to décor, there are a few simple things that will make your party both special and memorable. Make sure you have a place to hang coats and leave bags. If you don’t have the extra room in your closets, it’s a nice touch to put out a folding coat-rack with matching hangers.

Crisp, ironed linens are a must! There is nothing more luxurious than to sit at a table with a stunning, ironed tablecloth accompanied by a lovely, ironed napkin nesting in your lap. As for candles, I like to light something scented for the bathroom, but stick to unscented candles in the living areas, so it doesn’t interfere with the food. Flowers are the perfect finishing touch, bringing vibrant life to wherever they’re placed. When determining color, a monochromatic take is fail-proof. Blooming whites and greens make the surroundings feel fresh.

When the sun starts to go down, take hosting to another level by offering your guests luxe throws to wear as it cools down, then let guests take them home after the party is over. The soft throw will serve as a sweet reminder of the wonderful evening they spent at your home.

Music is the life of the party. If the music has life, then so will your party. There’s no way of getting around it. Create a playlist with the variety to change the mood, as well as the duration to last from the moment the door opens until your last guest leaves. The volume should be just loud enough so that your guests have to talk slightly above it. Take notice if everyone seems to be moving and invested in it; if so slightly raise it.

Personally, I love live music. Having a band can take your party from average to extravagant. I love a beautifully- crafted mix of acoustic originals and cherished songs from the past. You will find your guests bonding over it. The musicians also serve as a lovely backdrop during cocktail hour, and provide subtle entertainment throughout dinner. Live bands are always good about dressing accordingly, while still maintaining their own original flair, creating a custom experience for any event.

Party planning can often be overwhelming, and many of us just don’t have the time, so do not be afraid to enlist the help of experts. No matter the spectrum of the event, an on-hand coordinator allows you the ability to relax and enjoy the party with your guests. Be sure to write hand- written thank you notes to all of your guests, to conclude the unique experience you’ve given them.

Lifestyle Editor Michelle Peranich