Au Naturel: The Newest Trend On The West Coast

Stripping down to the basics, does not mean giving up quality, design or style. The newest trend on the West Coast is au naturel. The palate consists of creams and whites, straws and woods. It’s all about strong lines, geometric shapes and bringing nature inside. These designers are expert at molding earth’s elements into unusual, beautiful pieces of functional art with creativity and a sense of humor.



1. City Bike Cruiser from Materia Bikes

2. Secto Design

3. Ann Gish Argento Floor Screen From Gloabla Views

4. Kirk Nix Fritx Rope Square Ottoman from Palecek

5. Kirk Nix Small Pike from Palecek

6. Uttan Folding Chair from Selemat Design

7. Glass Series No.8 from Whyrhymer