Age(less) 60s

The 60s may be the start of the golden years for some, but Gladys Morris has no intention of stopping now—she desires to “paint the world a more beautiful place, one face at a time.” With positive affirmations and quiet meditation on scripture, her spirit is rejuvenated daily. The virtually wrinkle-free Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay® has been married to her high school sweetheart and best friend for 44 years, with whom she practices all aspects of wellness, from diet and exercise to devotions. 


Gladys Morris


Safety to grow.

Achieving the position of Sales Director (which make up only 2% of Mary Kay® employees) didn’t happen overnight. “When I began 13 years ago, I was shy and lacked confidence. I have been able to develop business and leadership skills. My career has allowed me a safe environment in which to grow personally while growing a viable business. I find myself a much more confident person today.” Today, Gladys feels it is an “honor to mentor, train, and lead 40 amazing women.”

Philosophy and flexibility.

Gladys lives by the same philosophy that Mary Kay lived by: God first, family second, and career third. “I have a great deal of flexibility in my business. I have developed certain routines in my profession that take into consideration my personal priorities … I have built into my schedule times for spiritual wholeness, family time, and work. However, when going for a really big goal or dream there may seem to be no balance. These are usually times when my husband and I take a look at the bigger picture and support each other in achieving something that will greatly benefit our long-term dreams…so we agree on a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.”

The power of “we.”

“Having a partner really makes a difference.” Gladys and her husband realized a need to focus on their overall well-being, both individually and as a couple, so they looked for things that would support their physical, mental, and spiritual health that they’d enjoy and could do together. “Three times a week my husband and I attend a water aerobics class in the morning before we get on with our work routines. Every evening before bed we will do a 10-minute goodnight yoga routine, and read a chapter together of a spiritually enlightening book or recite a scripture passage we are memorizing. Then we end the night with prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude. We found this routine greatly enhances our relationship with God, each other, as well as family and friends. Our routine took shape slowly and grew into a routine we value, and has made us stronger together and individually.”

Un po-keto bit more healthy.

“We decided we wanted to be proactive about our health when we found ourselves gaining unwanted weight, feeling bloated and sluggish, and found out we were both pre-diabetic. We did a little research and started eliminating soda and sugary drinks. Under a doctor’s care, we curbed the carbs for about a month, which helped to improve our blood sugar levels. Afterwards, we moved to a keto-style diet, and added exercise and vitamin supplements to maintain our improved health.” Gladys found that they didn’t feel restricted by their diet plan because they simply made choices that fit their goals with a diet that was made up of foods they enjoyed already. 

Mary Kay® all the way.

A loyal believer in her product, Gladys uses a complete Mary Kay® regiment:

1. TimeWise Repair® Ultimate Volu-Firm® Set; “Morning and evening. It’s a must since it keeps my skin soft, hydrated, resilient, and virtually wrinkle-free.”

2. Mary Kay® Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover; “Takes off my eye makeup in a snap and keeps me from having raccoon eyes.”

3. Mary Kay® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15; “I absolutely can’t do without it.”

Pamper yourself. 


“I enjoy getting a pedicure once or twice a month. Just relaxing in the massaging chair and maybe napping a little. Every once in a while, I will slip into my soaker tub with one of my TimeWise Repair® Bio-Cellulose Masks on and just relax and unwind. Every now and then, my husband will get me comfortable, put on a girly movie I haven’t seen that he thinks I’ll like while he soaks and massages my feet. Awww…I think that’s my favorite.” 

Recipe for wrinkle-free.

“The longer I live the more perspective I gain on the regular rhythms of life’s ups and downs. Worry and strife doesn’t change anything except my blood pressure and the more I frown the more wrinkles I develop. I believe the secret to living well and ageless with health and beauty is keeping your mind at peace.”

Fall forward to success.

Mary Kay, who was named Most Outstanding Woman In Business in the 20th Century, had a saying that made a big impact on Gladys when she was working to become a Sales Director. “‘Fall forward to success’ … So, with purpose and persistence, I didn’t allow a few failures to stop me from achieving my goal.”