High Profile

Director of Physician Services, Education & Marketing Santé Health System

Janine Stephenson

Santé Community Physicians was established in 1995, with the Santé Health Foundation officially being established as a division under the Affordable Care Act in 2012. The network itself is made up of affiliated physicians dedicated to providing exceptional service and healthcare to the communities of Fresno, Madera, and Kings Counties. The Foundation, however, is a non-profit organization aimed to improve the health of the people in those communities by providing outstanding clinical care, encouraging healthy lifestyles, offering clinical and community health education, and supporting clinical research. The Foundation is a partner of Community Medical Centers, located in Fresno County.


Janine Stephenson, the Santé Health Foundation’s Director of Physician Services, Education & Marketing, was born in Marysville, California on November 28th, but she grew up in Anchorage, Alaska—her father was an ice trucker there. In the 8th grade, her family moved to California and settled in Clovis, where she attended Clovis West High School. Janine recalled that the shock of moving from Alaska to California went beyond the obvious change of weather, and daytime and night length. 

“There was no emphasis on fashion or name brands!” Janine said of her early childhood up north, so attending Clovis West and living in the Central Valley was a major culture shock for her. Suddenly she was faced with the reality that what you drove and what you wore had an importance that she never considered before. But this new perspective allowed her to develop a sense of style that is now synonymous with her look. Janine started collecting vintage jewelry, especially from the 20s, 50s, and 60s—she has an affinity for Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern design, and enamel, and enjoys adding pieces to her extensive collection, which she wears regularly!

After graduating from high school, she began her career as a Claims Examiner for Cigna Health Insurance, where she worked for eight years. At the age of 35, she went back to school to obtain her degree in Marketing and Business Management from the University of Phoenix. It was a busy time for Janine—she was still working full-time, and went to school at night to complete her degree. Shortly after graduating, she continued to work at Santé and eventually worked her way up into her current position in the Santé Health Foundation.

True to her astrological zodiac, Janine shows Sagittarian signs of being honest and forthright in everything she does. Her standards are high, but she can enjoy a good joke—it is this love of fun with a vibrant personality that makes her very popular with others. 

Janine loves animals, especially her golden retriever, Max, who is 13 years old. Spending time with him and being outdoors gives her immense enjoyment. Janine is also into sports, and three or four times a week she tries to attend classes at The Bar Method in Fresno. 

A big fan of Danish singer Agnes Obel, Janine loves to put on the artist’s music and pour herself a glass of wine—her favorite varieties are Pinot Noir and White Burgundy, the later of which she discovered while on vacation in Europe. When it comes to travel, Janine’s favorite city (outside of the United States) is Florence. “I love the people there!” she mused of her time spent in Italy. Its abundance of rich art, architecture, shopping, friendly people, and wonderful food makes it one of her favorite places to go. 

Janine has brought some interesting and well-attended events to the Central Valley through the Santé Health Foundation. The “Santé Health Foundation Gala” fundraiser is the Foundation’s largest, and is held annually in the spring—this year’s theme was An Evening Abroad. “Healthy Living” hosted the “Expression of Art Series for Seniors,” which gives senior citizens a creative outlet through painting. The “Healthy Living Expo” promoted healthy children and happy families through educational information with over 1,000 participants. And “Women Helping Women” organized a 2-mile walk with guest speakers and a luncheon, for around 240 attendees, in an effort to help remind women of how important their health is and to teach them to be their own good advocates in healthcare.

This executive exudes charm, humor, energy, and friendliness when you are with her in any given setting, whether it be a lunch for two or dinner with over 800 people. With all of this positive energy, one can only complement Janine and enjoy the talent, enthusiasm, and creativity she brings to any event that she is involved in making happen!

Features Editor Ann T. Sullivan Whitehurst