You Glow Girl

The weather is getting warmer and summer is almost here. That means it’s time to soak up the California sun and add some seasonal sparkle to your day. Whether you are after a whiter and brighter smile or dewy, glowing skin, we have the best picks to add shimmer to your next beauty moment. 

1. Kryolan Glitter Spray in Blue

$9.95 from

2. 100% PURE Gemmed Luminizer in Moonstone Glow 

$38.00 from

3. CLEANTAN A Tan With Benefits | Quickie Concentrate

$42.99 from  

4. Lime Crime Glow Softwear Blush in Flash Drive

$22.00 from

5. StriVectin Tri-Phase Daily Glow Toner

$39.00 from

6. Adsorb Beauty Brightening Clay Mask

$128.00 from

7. HipDot Crystals Pressed Glitter Palette

$30.00 from

8. Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Bright & Radiant Whipped Mask

$12.99 from

9. BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On

$18.00 from 

10. bright on LED accelerator light

$49.00 from