The Road to Pink

Fresno Acura’s Compliance and Outreach Director

Ellena Woodhams Shares How the #PinkAcura is Driving

Towards Breast Cancer Awareness

Fresno Acura is on the road to pink, paving the way for a new wave of breast cancer awareness in the Central Valley. October commemorates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the disease affects the lives of loved ones in a much broader sense. “Many of our customers and employees have been touched by breast cancer in some way, shape, or form. It was important to us as a female-owned business to show them that we stand behind them with our full support,” explains Ellena. “But simply wearing a pink ribbon or having a ‘pink’ day didn’t seem like enough for us. We realized that we already had a great tool at our fingertips—one that could go all over the Valley to make an impact! So the #PinkAcura was born.”

The #PinkAcura is a physical representation of the countless women in the Central Valley who have gone through some form of breast cancer—it is a physical reminder that we must continue to fight for a cure, all while remembering those who have lost their battle. “Fresno Acura invites the entire community to come and sign the vehicle every year—for every signature on the vehicle, Fresno Acura donates $1 to local breast cancer research.”

Established in 2015, each year a new vehicle dons the signature breast cancer pink. “The #PinkAcura is wrapped every year by the amazing team at Method Media. The owner, Jeremy Wilson, has been a part of our vision from the beginning and whips out an awesome new design each year.” Thus, there have been four different #PinkAcuras driving around Fresno since its founding.

Each new #PinkAcura receives its first signature at the Central California Women’s Conference in September. “From there, the vehicle is driven to various events and businesses throughout the Valley through the end of October or mid-November.”

When Ellena first came up with the idea for the #PinkAcura, there was uncertainty around how it would be received. “We started the #PinkAcura without really knowing if it would be a success or not. We called everyone we knew to see if they would be open to letting us bring it out to an event or to their place of business. Now we receive requests all year long asking to bring the car out to events, schools, businesses, etc. We now have a running schedule for where the #PinkAcura will be so people can check-in or try to catch it out in the wild.”

Needless to say, it was a sensation from the get-go. Yet Ellena recalls the moment she realized the brevity of what they had created: “The #PinkAcura was a success the moment a member of our community walked into the showroom at Fresno Acura just to sign the car. She broke down into tears and told us that it meant so much to her because she had just lost her mother to breast cancer. It’s the impact that the car has made on people’s lives that makes it a true success.”

“We have people that tell us every year that they always look forward to signing the car, whether it be for themselves or for a loved one that has gone through cancer. Each signature is worth a $1 donation from us, but it seems like the community has come to understand that if they work together, they can help make a difference through collaboration.”

How can people get involved with the #PinkAcura? “Just ask!” Ellena exclaims. Anyone who would like to be more involved or would like more information can simply reach out to Fresno Acura by calling 559.431.3400 or emailing Ellena directly at “We love being able to bring the #PinkAcura to businesses for employees and customers to sign or to community events.”

A major moment for the #PinkAcura happened in 2018, when it was invited to a luncheon where Senator Dianne Feinstein was speaking. “She has raised millions of dollars for breast cancer research through her creation of the pink ribbon postage stamp and countless other efforts. We definitely had a fangirl moment!”

Fresno Acura hosts “a different event around the #PinkAcura at the dealership every year. We have teamed up with different local non-profits to make each event unique from the last. Who knows what we will do this fall!” The #PinkAcura is promoted on the dealership’s website, all of their social media channels, and through local media. “We have been featured on ABC30, KSEE24, KMPH Fox 26, and The Fresno Bee.”

But what happens to the pink car after it’s done collecting signatures for the season? “The vehicle is unwrapped and offered up for sale! We have had many customers that specifically request to purchase the vehicle since it has an emotional significance to them,” shares Ellena.

To-date, the #PinkAcura has collected 12,500 signatures, 5,000 of which were compiled last year alone. For the 2019 season, Fresno Acura aims to double last year’s record by cracking $10,000 in signatures on the #PinkAcura. Together, we can help make that happen by dropping in at Fresno Acura and picking up a pen. Visit to learn more about the #PinkAcura campaign and schedule as the September launch approaches.