LUX Design: Say It With A Statement

Whenever I decorate a room, I always try and find one piece of furniture or décor that creates a “wow” moment. I have always been fond of a statement chair or an exceedingly spectacular table. A statement piece has the power to draw your focus to a room and define your personal style, whether with a pop of color or pattern and, of course, the unexpected mixture of color, texture and shape. This one item can set the tone for an entire room with maximum impact - something your guests will continue to chat about even after they have left your home.

Pinpoint Your Personal Style

Before you start designing your space, you should ask yourself one simple question: what is your personal style? Look at the space and evaluate what, aesthetically, will work well with your architecture. This is an essential step to help pinpoint your personal style and aid in mapping out the appropriate vibe. Another thing to remember when working out the design of your home is that every room does not need to have the same style. Feel free to mix up colors and shapes in your statement pieces, but make sure that each space speaks to each other. There should be one common thread that tells the story of your home. The possibilities are endless, so embrace the décor that most speaks to you and your environment.


Decide On Your Statement

So you’ve decided on your aesthetic and came to the conclusion that your sparse dining room could use an over-the-top “wow” impact. But what would really tell your story? So many people get overwhelmed with dining rooms in particular. I mean what is there really to do with such a utilitarian space? It consists of a table and chairs, and normally has a window anchoring a long rectangular space.

First off, if your dining room is a rectangle, get a rug that reflects a neutral state of mind. A soft monochromatic design will help anchor the space without overwhelming it. Look for an oversized oval table. This will help break up the lines of the room. When selecting chairs, don’t be afraid to mix ‘n’ match. I personally think that the chairs at the head of the table should be somewhat dramatic and all the side chairs should maintain a neutral color tone.


For a “wow” statement, invest in a signature chandelier. I am currently crazy about Jonathan Adler and his puzzle piece lighting fixture. Don’t be afraid to switch up styles in your lighting fixture. Another fun idea is to get rid of the overused sideboard. Maybe bring in a bar cart and round mirror. Your drapes should be effortless and always remember, an appropriate puddle is necessary. Then for the crown jewel of the space: dishes! Yes, this is where you can really allow your imagination to wander. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Keep some things consistent, like the napkin rings and stemware, but let your dishes do the talking for your table. Also remember to invest in quality products. They do last longer and generally make for legacy pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Remember, design should be a fun and a rewarding experience. If you do find yourself questioning what choices are best for your space, make a mood board or pull clippings from various magazines or online resources. Ask a close friend their opinion or call on a professional to help you execute your vision. Once you nail your aesthetic, your home will speak in a whole new language to you and your guests, making a more personalized and inviting environment.


Story Asher Corey
Photographer Eddie Melikian
Items provided by RSVP please at The Palatine