LUX DIY: 5 Steps to Transform a Living Room in Hollywood Style

A&M VIP House Styling takes California Vibe inside the most beautiful mansions and lavish
dwellings in the most exclusive LA neighborhoods and helps us achieve the Hollywood look.

5 Steps to Transform a Living Room in Hollywood Style 

1. Choose a Focal Point 

In order to find a focal point, look around the room, determine the biggest features: a
fireplace, built ins or the architectural elements you would like to enhance. The point we choose will be the first thing your guests will see when they walk into the room. If there
are no elements, just chose the largest wall that you see when you walking in the room.

Once it has been determined you can create a focal point by painting the wall a different
color, cover this with wallpaper, artwork or/and a light feature.

2. Make a Statement with Wallpaper - 

Wallpaper has a very wide range of in style trends: textured, floral, geometrical,
metallic and cork. We love them all! You can be as subtle or as bold when choosing

Most furniture stores carry a wide selection of wallpaper, there are also specialty stores for them, within a range of affordable prices. Some of our favorites: Alla Moda,
Modani furniture & Cantoni.

3. Keep Large Pieces Neutral and Add Pops of Color to Accessories and Patterns 

Jonathan Adler always has great finds. The trend we see right now is modern. Lightingfixtures with industrial elements and old world charm are always great, one of our favorite stores for this is Restoration Hardware.

At Crystal Palace we like design chandeliers to fit the space perfectly. The Pacific DesignCenter has an amazing selection as well. 

4. Place Furniture Away from Walls

5. Choose an Oversize Rug and a Statement Chandelier. Complete the Look with Accessories, Fresh Flowers and Candles.