Tailored Living

Moe’s is a fashion-forward lifestyle furniture brand. We strive to keep our stores warm and inviting, welcoming customers to come and nourish their desire for home décor. We have a wide range of styles, and specialize in quality materials and unique designs, with a large selection of products for small-scale living. We carry everything from urban industrial to glam with a large focus on mid-century modern. You will find exactly what you are looking for because we have something for every home, from furniture to accents. When it comes to furnishings: bedroom, dining room, living room, office, and outdoor. Decorating: accessories, lighting, and wall décor. Moe’s also boasts 33 collections of furniture design, allowing for easy coordination with matching sets.

How does Moe’s help achieve their customers’ desires? 

Our staff greatly portrays our desire to satisfy your needs, graciously offering a helping hand whenever wanted. We listen to your needs and are able to pinpoint the right curation of goods based on our complete knowledge of the Moe’s line. We even offer what we call Room Shots on our website to not just inspire clients, but to give them visuals that helps articulate what they like in a finished space.

What sets Moe’s apart? 

Our wide range of styles and products newly designed by Moe’s sets us apart in the home furnishings market. Moe’s is new furniture and accents, but it is made to look unique and like it isn’t mass-produced, yet you get the efficiency of a large-scale furniture maker.

What makes a house a home? 

Houses are made homes when comfortable furniture with a beautiful esthetic reflects the character and personalities of the people living in the space. As people evolve, so do their tastes, and your home should echo that evolution. With the vast variety that Moe’s has to offer in both furniture and accents, it is easy to come back in to find that perfect piece that will continually transform your space and grow with you.

Best advice when furnishing or redecorating a home. 

Focus on the anchor items and have fun with accents that can be changed out seasonally. Choose large pieces that you’ll have for years, like sofas, with comfort in mind, and consider the material composition and colors as they suit your lifestyle necessities. And if you really love something, let that be your starting point.

Any exclusive finds at Moe’s? 

There are lots of exclusives at Moe’s—we are unique and different from all other furniture stores. Come in and we will show you! Some highlights include our M2 Program and our One-of-a-kind Furniture line. Moe’s Home Collection’s M2 Program is our selection of best-selling products with the promise that every item included in the line will always be in stock and ready to ship from the North American warehouses. The dedicated team at Moe’s closely monitors inventory levels to ensure that our stock increases with your demand. The One-of-a-kind Furniture line utilizes antique and reclaimed items to create something totally new. This line features primarily wood cabinets, but you’ll also find consoles and some repurposed ironwork. With various finishes and treatments, every furniture piece turns out unique—whatever piece you choose will be found only in your home.

Two trends Moe’s is seeing.

Jewel-toned velvets and rose gold are very popular right now. Jewel-tones flow seamlessly with holiday décor, but it is easy to incorporate these colors into your everyday decorating through accents, such as pillows, throws, and accessories. Rose gold is definitely having a moment, and should also be used as an accent.