Home from Afar

Many of the items in this northern Fresno home project were designed by me and custom-made for my clients. Found objects, novelties, and antiques bring out my clients’ personality—collecting and using such objects in homes personalizes each space to reflect the homeowners’ taste, travels, and personality.

The sofa, chairs, and pillows were custom-made for my client. Neutral tones can be rich and drama is created by the contrasting dark and light shades. Luxurious fabrics and attention to small details make the difference in the feeling of every room. The homeowners and guests can feel it when they walk in. Regarding my work, I am often told, “It feels so good to be in here!” I do understand what they mean because I feel it, too, and this is true no matter what interior style I work with…

I designed this living room rug, which really set the tone for this comfortable and elegant interior. It was hand-loomed in Tibet from wool and silk. My clients liked the open feeling of this home—the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all visible from the entry.

Draperies make a room! They soften a room! At first my clients were reluctant to embrace the idea of using draperies in the house. But how could anyone pass up this gorgeous fabric? The secret to these drapes is this: I used three fabrics to create this luxurious feeling. The top fabric is a decorative sheer with an inner lining and a black-out lining. The finished project is pure magic.

A powder bath is always a room where one can go a little over-the-top, whether with whimsy or drop-dead elegance…drama, drama, drama! I love it when people walk out of a powder bath and say, “WOW!” And I love to put striking art in a powder bath.

Interiors Editor Roseanne Guaglianone, Hemisphere Home

Photographer Gina Taro