A Letter From The Editor

One of the pleasures of editing each edition of CV Luxury is watching the publication grow with every issue. I am personally thrilled with our latest endeavor. We are thinking beyond print and embarking on a complete overhaul of our website, as well as welcoming the LUX daily blog to the Modern Living family.

Nicole Giordano Ashjian is a joyous addition to our team and is heading up the creative for our digital platform. Each day we will be supplying new and exciting content to our website, allowing our readers to look beyond the printed page and take a peek at the inner workings of our CV Lux. Not only does the new site support video and interactive media, but it also affords the publication the opportunity to better serve our readers and advertisers.
Another new member to the LUX team is writer, photographer and blogger Alison Du Pras. Ali brings new life to the publication with a conversational writing style and voice which is truly her own. In this issue, she discusses the importance of color this season and helps guide you through the vast shopping maze to really make the most of your wardrobe for spring.

Each issue also brings new and exciting experiences. There was no better way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend than with our cover girl Lisa Vanderpump-Todd. Lisa graciously welcomed our resident Fashion Editor Lauren K.T. Wilson, along with myself and our crew, to her magnificent home set high atop Beverly Hills. Celebrity photographer Matthew Mitchell captured the true essence of Lisa (America’s favorite housewife) in this light and ethereal spread. Effortlessly regal is the best way to describe Lisa.

Another feature I am simply crazy about is the profile of Jane Avedikian-Tamberi’s fabulous garden. Jane is a legendary hostess known for her meticulously planned parties, which she caters for various non-profit organizations throughout the Valley. Not only is she a fabulous casual entertainer, but her handiwork can also be seen at the Valley’s premiere polo match, set in the picturesque hills above the city.

Also within these pages, you can find the home of Allison and Edward Karahadian. This pristine North Fresno home sits nestled within the premier Fort Washington neighborhood. Modern minimalism makes up the bold lines and décor of this Central Valley gem. Allison was gracious enough to allow our crew inside to capture some of her favorite entertaining spaces. The Karahadian’s are known for their casual California entertaining and have hosted guests at their residence for various non-profit benefits, including a one-of-a-kind tequila party.

I hope this issue inspires you as much as it has inspired me. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box this spring and infuse some truly original pieces in your home, wardrobe or next party. So here’s to spring and everything this season offers our Valley.



David Manning