A Letter From The Editor

While shooting the cover of this most recent edition, the team stayed in sunny Malibu, California; and it was there where I got the inspiration for this years summer edition, our third summer edition since starting the company in 2013. The surf and sand served as a backdrop for our evenings, which was reminiscent of my childhood in Santa Barbara. I knew I wanted to take our readers on a journey to the coast and I believe that is what we have achieved in this most recent edition, capturing the essence of the casual beach lifestyle, with our own LUX twist.

Some of my most favorite pieces in this issue can be seen in the When In Home section of the magazine. There we profiled a beautiful modern abode nestled in the bluffs, preached high atop La Costa Beach (pg. 68). Another fun feature in this section is the piece entitled The Sea’s Gift, which guides you on your quest for the perfect beachside rendezvous.

I am particularly proud of this edition’s cover featuring the multi- talented Rita Wilson. Rita was a delight to work with and her casual California rock-n-roll vibe fits our summer issue perfectly. Also if you haven’t done so already, visit iTunes and download her most recent album.

So much has changed over the last three years, but oddly I find myself writing each editor’s note in the same spot, in a sunroom located in the picturesque Fig Garden neighborhood. The Central Valley has been good to us, and Donna, along with myself are continually thrilled and pleased by the support of the community. In that spirit we are announcing the return of the Luxury Awards. This year we want more than our focus group to weigh in on the nominations. An open, online write-in nomination form will be available on our website. Please visit www.cvlux.com and cast your vote for this year's nominees. Official voting will begin in August of 2016 and will be celebrated at the beginning of the New Year. Happy voting!

David ManningComment