Fall Fever: Cozy Up Your Home

This Fall, deck your halls with some fresh vibes. There are many ways to cozy up your home with meaning and flare that may be new for you. Of course, you will have your trusty decorations that you roll with every harvest + holiday season... but it's always fun to spice things up with new feels for your humble abode. Here are a few things that we are loving this Thanksgiving season.

Birch Wood - Stack it in your fireplace, position next to an entry way or place near a mantel for a snowy sensation. It's natural decor that gives an outdoorsy feel, all while beautifying your home.

Collected Leaves - Take a walk with your child and make an adventure out of it. Let them do the collecting, while you do the displaying. It can be a sweet activity you do together one chilly morning!

The Thankful Tree - Have guests, friends and family write notes on hand crafted leaves that you hang on Manzanita branches in a designated area of your home. Near the dining room would be a lovely spot for a frequent reminder of why gratitude is so important. Not just during the holiday season, but year round!

Procut Bicolor Sun Flowers - We love adding fresh flowers to the home at every time of year. These beauties are vibrant in autumn colors and will bring sunshine into any room! They are large, stunning pollen-free flowers that are mahogany and yellow with black centers. Perfect for cutting!

Golden Pine cones - Go on a hunt for these gorgeous creations, take them home to glitter, spray paint and display down your dining table, in a basket or atop your mantel!