A LUX 2016: A Guide To New Year Resos

As they say, new year... new beginnings! 2016 will launch new energy, goals, hopes and aspirations. But what's the best way to sit down and craft that infamous list of New Year To-Do's? New Year Resolution lists can start to be redundant, empty, overwhelming, blank or uninspiring as the years continue to unfold. We must remember that a strong / moral resolution is what gives us power to triumph in everyday life. What we really need is a way to align with the good self. Here's a simple guide to putting those resolutions into perspective as we cruise into the coming year.

1) Be realistic - We tend to hit a pattern of unrealistic goals as our lists take lift. This is most frustrating because one can’t even keep the promise he made with himself. And in turn, our list of hopes and dreams may implode leaving our spirits a bit crushed. Assess your life and where you want to see change. After all, change begins with little steps. Think (Big Picture) and try not to get hung up on the small stuff that may act as a distraction to your end goal.

2) You can't change TIME -  Time can’t be reverted; everything that has happened in the past, our wrongdoings, decisions, actions that have a negative impact on us and people around, can’t be reverted. But we perceive the new year to be a new start and believe that we can’t back the time but at least we can ensure that these won’t repeat in the future by making our resolutions. Be a good person and lead a good life. Reflect on those decisions and come up with a plan of attack on how to mend, mold and meditate.

3) Make Health a BIG priority - Above all comes our health because without health, even a person with riches can’t lead a peaceful life. Health must be the top priority. Give yourself plenty of sleep, do yoga, go for walks, gradually change your eating habits and do whatever it is that makes you feel good. Strive for contentment in all that you do!

4) Family, Friends and Relationships - For in the end, relationships are the fruit of life. They fuel something within that can't be given by anything else. Invest time in those you love and make it a point to set plans, send invites and create fun things to do together. Memories are the soundtrack to our lives!

5) Don't take yourself so seriously - Indulge in activities that are frolicsome and hilarious. Be happy, keep smiling and try to put a smile on the faces of others. Leave other feeling happier after an encounter with you. Intrinsic happiness in one’s self helps a person to raise inner confidence and bolsters the immune system.