LUX 2016 Vibe: What's Hot?

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Women's Trends:

Glitter Roots - While ombre, balayage and colorful locks made 2015 hair trends all the rage, 2016 has a little something different in store. Perhaps some sparkly magic pixie dust for your boring roots? Just grab some glitter, gel and sparkle it up! 

The Ultimate Pucker - From outrageous lip colors to lip tattoos... 2016 will be all about your pucker, pout and a bright bold lip. Just don't go overboard!

The X Line Neck - X marks the spot! Make a statement with your neck line and watch how this cut will dominate women's wear. Dresses, shirts, you name it!

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Flatforms - After a year of partying in platforms, we go back to comfort. Think Rihanna's trendy Puma shoes for making the flatform the must-have item and the hottest shoe trend for 2016. It's all about height, not the incline.

The Statement Bag - Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve or your views on your t-shirt. 2015 statement / wordy tees will translate into fun clever handbags. From bags shaped like French fries to poodles, to popcorn to Paris, handbags will literally take shape!

Color - Rose Quartz and Serenity will make some serious noise in 2016!

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Men's Trends:

The Man Braid - Eye candy like Jared Leto, David Beckham and Derek Hough have all been turning their buns into braids and phasing out the man bun... that was SO 2015!

The Statement Sock - Sushi, pizza and all things goofy will lighten up the sock drawer! The kookier the sock, the better.

The Baggy Leg - Men’s pants are getting higher-wasted, looser cut and occasionally even flared, as men follow women back into the 70s. The skinny is taking the back seat.

Lifestyle Trends:

The Smartphone just got smarter - More and more of our apps will be able to do things from our phones. MATCHCo lets you customize a makeup foundation just by tapping your cheek. The Breathometer will help detect levels of alcohol consumption or will tell you if you have bad breath.

Classes At Your Fingertips - In 2016 you won’t have to leave your home to take the best classes. More and more, you can have classes streamed live to you. From online fitness classes like spin, yoga and meditation... you’ll have no excuse not to get your sweat on!

Vacations With a Purpose - Forget traveling just to travel. Whether detoxing from tech, going to retreats where you have to turn in your device or vacations where you also conduct public service, there's a focus on wellness and doing something good for yourself and good for the world. Vacations will no longer be about just indulging. Unplug, hike, meditate, unwind and make your me time productive!