LUX 2016 Vibe: Fitness

A new year starts with a new day! Time to switch up your workout with some of our favorite fitness trends for 2016:

Shift Of Workouts

With more females and males that have gotten into a body-building trend, the art of weight training has expanded. That trend is becoming more important as people see the importance of how the weights shape their figure. It’s not just something for the the big and the buff; it’s toning, fat loss and gaining muscle.

Open circuit

This type of working out, which involves going from station to station with a 2 to 3 minute rest, will garner more followers in 2016. Circuit training is typically done in a gym, with the trainees going from machine to machine — making a circuit. It keeps the work out interesting while different muscle groups are constantly engaged!


Combo-fitness is making a splash like, step aerobics and weight lifting or spin class that combines high intensity interval training. Total Fitness offers classes in Pi-Yo, which combines Pilates and yoga in a cardio format. Again, keeping the workout interested while switching up motions, movements and weights so the entire body is always working.


Functional training works on the overall balance of your body. It helps overall body composition. Sometimes, weight lifters will end up with one arm bigger than the other, or some other form of imbalance. Programs such as TRX offer functional training to avoid working one side longer.

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology will continue to develop in 2016. Though the concept sounds high-tech, chances are you already are wearing some fitness technology on your wrist. If you sport a FitBit , you already follow the wearable technology fitness trend.

Back & Shoulders

Toning these areas will be a focus for women in 2016. Fashions trends are showing more back, and adding muscle to your back is an easy trick to making anyone’s waist look smaller. Perk!