Ruthie Inocencio Fashion Profile

Her mind is always moving forward. Ruthie and I have worked on many projects together for a variety of fashion spreads; this includes shoots where she has styled yours truly as the model. I consider myself lucky in getting to know this fashion tastemaker. She has worked as the lead stylist for tons of fashion shows that span Central California in addition to styling for our very own CV Luxury Magazine. Her taste is electric and her mind is on over-drive when it comes to collecting wardrobe and hand crafting accessories to outfit the beautiful limbs that come into her workspace.

Ruthie 2.jpg

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

In the past I struggled with my style and over the years it has changed due to being a Mom. I have finally found me. I have always had the edge, but I wanted to show the world who I am with out speaking a word. I love wearing a pencil skirt with a baseball Jersey and adding studs or leather to my outfit. Edgy-Tomboy-Chic is what I would call my style.

Style icons?

Blogger Micah Gianneli’s style is always on point I stock her instagram! I'm in love with her street style. And former editor-in- chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld — this is a women that never gets it wrong! She is truly a style icon.

Where do you pull your fashion inspiration?

From local vintage stores to online. I shop everywhere. I will usually add to a lot of the pieces I buy. These additions make it my own whether it's by embellishing it or dye/cutting taking things apart. It’s what I do best and makes my pieces unique and stand out.
Some trends that need to die in 2015?

Boho chic, Hipster, overly embellished rhinestones on jeans and hats and showing to much skin all at once. I'm not a one to knock people down on their individual style, but these trends need to stop!

Some trends on the rise in 2015?

Sporty Minimalism — Designer Alexander Wang reps it the best! But my advice is to keep the look fresh so it doesn’t look messy by adding a pair of heels or a splash of color. Too much minimalism can also look out-dated! And just because it's sporty it doesn't give you a free pass to throw a cap on with out styling your locks. Too much sport all at once can lead to a “I’m about to hit the gym” look.

Power Shoulders — Whether the garment is showing one shoulder or two, your shoulders are a way of showing enough sex appeal with out showing all your goods. Leave something to the imagination.

All weather colored leather — Now of course you don't want to be caught wearing all leather in the middle of summer, it gets scorching hot here! But there are some pieces you can incorporate in your summer wardrobe like a leather cuff or a great pair of color leather shorts if your not going to be out in the sun too long.

Fashion advice?

My fashion advice is to stop following everyone else. If you like it, wear it! Try to make it your own. You don't need to wear name brand to look amazing!

Favorite part about styling for CV Luxury Magazine shoots?

Styling for the magazine has opened up new doors for me. My favorite part about it is getting to style luxury pieces while adding my own edge to things. My goal is to keep the look new and fresh.

Check out Ruthie’s style inspiration through a collection of pictures @Zastarra on Instagram.