Minus The Manic From Your Monday Mask: DIY Invigorate

No talkie, before coffee… says your brain and your skin. Take the manic out of your Monday with a DIY face mask and start the week off feeling awake and fresh!


Face Vibe: Invigorate

Ingredients: Coffee grounds and Coconut oil

Benefits: I love that coffee has multiple perks — to wake your brain up and to play up that coveted fountain of youth. Caffeic acid found in coffee has anti-inflammatory properties and helps increase collagen production, leaving your skin smooth and healthy. The brightening and tightening effects are almost like a an alarm clock for the skin! Safe to say — we ALL love Coconut Oil. It’s just rich with goodness. Plus, coconut oil's molecular structure allows for quick absorption of moisture, so this face scrub is safe to use on several skin types. Good to go for oily- or acne-prone skin because the oil doesn't linger.

Concoction: To create this face mask start with room-temperature coconut oil and blend it until you have a fluffy frosting-like consistency. Combine it with about equal parts used coffee grounds. Use exfoliant on your skin by gently rubbing it in small circular motions.  Leave the scrub on your face for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off. Hello fresh face, goodbye Manic Monday!