LVP Sangria


LVP Sangria is a sexy, sumptuous drink made from Lisa Vanderpump's signature recipe. Served straight from the bottle, it's an instant crowd-pleaser!

Premium Spanish Wines. 100% Natural. No Sugar Added. LVP is a luscious, refreshing sangria made from Spanish rosé and red wines. Using Lisa Vanderpump’s signature recipe, her daughter Pandora Vanderpump and her husband, Jason Sabo, have bottled the sangria and made it available for purchase. Launching in Los Angeles and Miami, LVP Sangria (Red + Pink) is available in 32 states. The sangria contains no additives and is created with 100% natural flavors. LVP Sangria is ready to be served straight from the bottle over ice and, when coupled with fresh fruit, is sure to be a crowd pleaser when entertaining.

Check out Red Sangria + Pink Sangria recipes / pairings / cocktail blends for some fun party ideas and find out where LVP Sangria is carried. Better yet, you can order your own bombastic bottles.



Made with 100% Premium Spanish wines, all from Valencia, Spain - it's a very authentic, traditional sangria. They blend the wine with fruits and spices.

All of their ingredients are 100% natural.

No Sugar Added. The sweetness of LVP Sangria comes from the fruits that it is blended with. No added sugar. It's much more refreshing than other sangrias while maintaining a dry finish pairing perfect with food!

Their rosé sangria is the first rosé sangria on the market - it's really unique! It uses Grenache & Bobal grapes and is blended with fruits such as grapefruit & raspberries. The Red is made with Tempranillo grapes and has essences of blackberry and orange.

Lastly, one of the greatest things about LVP is its versatility. It can be used as a base for a plethora of amazing cocktails. A popular fave is the Pink Fizz (1/2 Pink Sangria, 1/2 Champagne & a squeeze of lemon). Stay tuned, you're going to want to make your summer sizzle with their new white sangria launching this July!



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