Off The Record: Rachel Platten


One sunny summer day in Fresno a few years back, Rachel Platten cruised into town. She was set for an interview on my radio show before taking the stage for an intimate performance. And after hanging out over tacos and margaritas, we decided we were kindred spirits.

Not to leave out the most important fact — I totally fell in love with her music. With a contagious energy, Rachel had the entire room lit up with the purity in her voice and bouncy sound on the keys. Besides being genuinely beautiful and stylish, her talent spoke for itself. I caught up with Rachel to chat about her recent success signing with Columbia Records and all that jazz in between including her new release called, Fight Song. Rachel is an old soul who truly wears her heart on her sleeve. I’m happy to know her!


Check out our Q&A with Rachel to find out where she's been and where she's going:

1. Since we left off a few years back after playing in Fresno, you've had quite the adventure! Talk to me about your latest release, Fight Song. It's incredibly empowering. What's the story behind the song?

Thank you! I have, yes. I was dealing with a lot of self doubt and a little bit of shaken confidence... I wrote the song to remind myself that I still believed in my dreams, no matter what.

2. Share with me the outreach you have going on with Fight Song and the stories you've heard along the way inspired by the song.

We began a campaign called #myfightsong and we are encouraging fans to reach out and share their own stories of how fight song has helped them with overcoming or striving to overcome a personal struggle. It's been quite amazing and moving to read them, I wish I could meet and be inspired in return by every single person. It's quite beautiful how when we decide to reach out and reveal an imperfection or a struggle, we are flooded with support and love that we might not have previously thought was available.

I just listened to an amazing talk by Brene brown where she spoke about vulnerability, saying:
It's the glue that holds connection together, it's all about our common humanity. When we own our stories and share our stories with one another and we see each other reflected back in the stories of others we know we are not alone. I think this is what I'm trying most to do in the world. 

3. You inspire people daily with your music, where do you find your strength, courage, daily inspo?

Thank you! I think it takes some work to quiet down the mean voices we have in our heads, so I do a lot of meditation, journal writing and quiet down time spent looking inside to reach the real me and get past the junk in my mind. I also have a lot of really incredibly positive, kind and inspiring people surrounding me who help me fill my well up on the outside.

4. What are some of your favorite bands and artists at the moment?

Borns, Banks, Robyn, Bleachers, Little Dragon Kendrick Lamar and Ennio Morichone are some of my favorites right now!

5. How has your music changed since "Be Here" released?

I think this new music is going deeper into who I really am. Rather than just prescribing a way to feel better and uplift yourself which maybe a lot of "Be Here" was, these songs tell my story more; the dark, the light, the pain, the dirt and the hope that still resonates through it.

6. When can we expect a new full length?

7. Any shows in Fresno scheduled? We'd love to have you back!

Not right now, but oh man I'd love to get back to Fresno. I loved playing there a couple years ago, what a sweet bunch of people!


Stay tuned for her next full length and get to know the sweet spirit of Rachel Platten through her music.