Wellness Profile: Gina Starbuck


Gina Starbuck has many layers. She has a gentle soul that is both beautiful and inspiring. And aside from her genuine spirit, she's a renowned dancer, choreographer, dance educator, singer, activist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Leader. She has been turning heads in Hollywood and beyond for years. Starbuck has worked with artists such as Adam Lambert, Prince, Nicki Minaj, Patti Labelle, Gavin Degraw, Jane’s Addiction and more. She starred in the LA Company of the Broadway hit, Wicked, as the Witch’s Mother. Her film and television credits include Mobbed, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Bring It On, Dancing With the Stars and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. All of which she played various roles, utilizing her talents as an actor, dancer, and singer. Most recently, she became an official member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as a director/choreographer and she is thrilled and honored to be among such an incredible group of peers.


1. What mantra calms your soul?
Mantras are beautiful for achieving many different states, including calm. I work intuitively with many different mantras and also create custom mantras for my clients. One that I like to work with often is, "I fully accept who I am in this moment and actively choose to align with the highest order. I am love. I am light. I am divine in motion."  

2. What drew you to practice Reiki?
Reiki has been a part of my life since childhood. I grew up next to a Reiki Master and began learning Reiki around the age of 5 or 6. Being hyper aware of the metaphysical, Reiki always resonated with me and it is something I know that I have been working with not only in this lifetime, but many.

3. Health benefits of Reiki?
The health benefit or Reiki are endless! Because the physical manifestation of something is the last step, Reiki can be a powerful tool in addressing and releasing unhealthy energies and patterns from the emotional, mental or spiritual planes before they physically manifest into pain or disease. Even if something does manifest physically, Reiki can assist in accelerated healing. Reiki is gentle and relaxing. It increases blood flow and the regeneration of cells. It reduces stress and helps bring mental clarity into focus. Those are just a few of the infinite possibilities with Reiki. For Reiki to be utilized at its full potential, the client must be open to receiving and letting go of what no longer serves them. This goes for anything. People call me a healer, yet I am simply a channel, or a facilitator for healing. Ultimately, the healing is up to the client.


4. What can be learned about the 7 Chakras?
The chakra system is an intricate and complex, yet simultaneously simple system. There is much to be learned from the chakra system and by keeping the chakras in balance, we are helping to ensure that our whole beings function in the way in which divine intended. if ever we are faced with a physical ailment, we can learn a great deal about how to heal that ailment by looking at the chakra it is related to. For example, if you are having a sore throat and have lost your voice, it is likely a call to communicate your truth more freely and healthily, as the problem is being presented in the throat chakra. If you have stomach pain, it is possible that you are having issues in a relationship, or you are not fully activate in your creative life force energy as stomach pain is often associated with the second chakra. Though there are standard ideologies about the chakra system that apply to most people, everyone's natural state of what makes them most in balance and functioning at their highest potential is different. It is important, while learning about your own chakra system the chakras, that we stay in a state of acceptance and do not judge ourselves in any way. Because the whole system is interconnected, generally if one chakra is blocked or depleted, the others will be affected on some level as well. An easy way to bring yourself into balance is by seeing yourself as whole, knowing that it is your divine right to be healthy and alive and by asking spirit to bring you to that state. "Ask and It Is Given."!!

5. Provide some insight on healing crystals and your passion for stones and minerals?
Crystals have been around far longer then we have. They are highly intelligent and very powerful and are happy to be tools in our growth. I have been working with crystals and minerals for years now and it is very clear to me that just like us, they are not limited to their physical form. They've got a divine intelligence to them, each one having its own unique vibration. There are so many stones out there and each has numerous healing properties that it is challenging for me to sum it all up. For those interested in working with crystals, be intuitive about the selection process. Your body will know which ones will be the most powerful for you. Also, a good rule of thumb is that the color of the crystal can easily line up with its corresponding chakra. If you feel your heart chakra needs work, grab some rose quarts or emerald calcite. For the root, red. Second chakra, orange. Third chakra, yellow. Heart chakra, pink or green. Throat chakra, blue. Third eye, purple or deep blue. Crown chakra, purple or white. It is easy to remember the general chakra colors by starting at the root with red and moving through the colors of the rainbow.

6. How has your career in choreography / dance help shape who you are?
Dance and choreographer are and will always be my first love. They are my most powerful meditation and most powerful tool in healing. There is something so liberating and freeing about movement. Also, my evolution as a woman and evolution as a mover have gone hand in hand. As I stated before, the body is highly intelligent. By moving the body freely and intuitively, we are automatically loosening and letting go of blocked energies. I have also learned so much within my career. I have been able to travel the world and share my art, which has taught me so much. I have been able to shape my own creative voice and point of view time and time again... I am so grateful for movement!

7. Favorite mediation music? Favorite artists to choreograph to?
Hmmm. That is a loaded question! I have many many meditation AND choreography playlists! There are so many brilliant artists out there and music is ever evolving. One of my most favorite meditations is "Spirit Rap" by Astarius Miraculi. Ever single word in the piece is so powerful and aligned with my desires. As far as artists go, I love Banks, Sam Smith, Mateo and SBTRKT, to name a few.


8. Words to live by?

9. What encourages you on the daily?
Every day is different. I find that the common denominator of my drive comes from a deep understanding that the light of who I am shines brightly no matter what happens. I know, without a doubt that I am here for a divine purpose. If ever I am faced with challenges, I remind myself that I am the whole universe and I am bigger than any problem that I might face. I also know that I have enough love running through me to activate healing globally. Sounds big, but we all do. It is part of my purpose to help others to know that same truth about themselves.

10. Favorite author, writer, poet, book, song writer?
My absolute favorite poet is my friend, In-Q. He is one of the most powerful artists this world has ever known! There are many amazing books out there. I love Neal Donald Walsh and his Conversations With God series. The Power of Now is awesome, as is the Celestine Prophecy. I'm also inspired by a lot of screen writers and films. There were some stand out films for me this year that were super inspiring including, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, I Origins and Lucy. I find true stories and autobiographies to be interesting and inspiring. At the root of every persons story, we learn that we all simply want to be loved and seen for who we truly are and what we feel we have to offer the world.