Ode to Parenthood & Monica Potter


Ode to Parenthood:

I will try to make a long story short. I fell in love with the Bravermans. Yes, the Braverman family from NBC’s one-hour drama produced by greats in the industry — Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Jason Katims and Lawrence Trilling. I mean, I seriously fell head over heels, like I really want to be the adopted 5th sibling kind of love.

The cast is truly remarkable and incredibly connected to their characters — it’s as if you’re watching a sort of a Truman Show. Like you have a secret peek into the honest reality of ups, downs, pain, excitement and above all… unconditional love of family. It hooks you from the very first episode and opens up both your heart and mind to the sincerity of what the ever-changing phenomenon of parenthood looks and feels like. It’s the biggest kind of love you will ever experience.

Being the mother to our adventurous two-year old son has given my life a greater purpose. And whether you are a parent or not, I believe this show is an authentic and refreshing approach to television. It shows the beautiful struggle between family. It’s life and sometimes we are given situations that are not easy to come out of, but family is your one constant besides your faith. And that’s what this show is about.

So this is my thank you and ode to the show Parenthood. As all good things must come to an end, the last two episodes aired this past January. But I highly recommend that for as long as it’s on Netflix, you should get glued.

Photo Cred: Weekly Villager

Photo Cred: Weekly Villager

The Beauty in Monica Potter / Shop Mrs. Potter:

Speaking of the cast, let’s talk about Christina played by Monica Potter who happens to be our May Cover Girl. I definitely connected to her character on Parenthood and then as I have gotten to know Monica, I have become an instant fan. Monica Potter is simply amazing and represents Monica Potter Home.

“Starting Monica Potter Home was more than just starting a company. It is truly the foundation of why I do everything that I do. It is a way to pay tribute to my late father who always encouraged me to reach for the stars. It allows me to contribute to society as well as honor all the hard working artisans within the community. It is my heart.” I also love that she says, “Let’s learn and laugh from our mistakes (after all, we find the best secrets by screwing up, right?), try to be good, not perfect, and celebrate the big and little things we love in life.”

Monica Potter Home is: Holidays, Crafting, Cooking, Cleaning, Gardening and Beauty. A solid collection of female friendly fun.

Photo Cred:  Via Monica Potter Instagram

Photo Cred: Via Monica Potter Instagram

Shop her “Clover Collection” inspired by Heritage. There are tons of goodies!

Also check out the recent launch of her new Signature Tee made from a super soft cotton blend featuring the MPH logo, reminding us that it all starts from the home and the heart!

Check her out below in a recent appearance on Hallmark's, Home And Family:

... And (drum roll please) stay tuned for our May cover feature with Mrs. Potter herself!