Munchin: Guacamole + Fried Egg Heaven


One of the greatest combos in all the land is guacamole + fried eggs. I mean, let's be honest... guacamole added to anything is like taking your taste buds on a magic carpet ride to culinary bliss! Our Munchin feature will give you some addicting ideas when it comes to kitchen talk, taken from my home to yours, the web and food happy locals. This recipe is quite simple, but don't let its simplicity down play the punch in every bite.

After all, you just need a heap of guacamole + one fried egg + the canvas of a warm tortilla and you're golden! Feel free to add a little spice with Lawry's garlic salt (a staple in my kitchen). Garnish with some cilantro and a splash of Tapatio

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Now, get to snackin! You can thank me later.