Wrist Candy: Apple Watch Options

Only TEN more days until Apple drops it's latest product that we're sure you've heard about…The Apple Watch. We're kind of shocked it wasn't named the iWatch, but this new piece of technology will offer users different advantages than any iPhone upgrade has ever given us. Aside from the highly intuitive interface we're really excited about a wearable piece of technology that doubles as an accessory too! Here are some of your aesthetic options and our favorite choices for this leap in accessory technology. It's sure to go down in history.

Stainless Steel case with black sport band. While there is a sportier option featuring a lighter titanium case, we like the versatility of this model which will wear just as well in business meetings as at the gym. Keep it black and simple for ultimate versatility.

The Milanese Loop. This classic style is a beautiful option for those who want a watch with a little substance. The Stainless steel band matches the face perfectly and features a magnetic closure that makes life as easy as it should be. Ideal for those using the watch for leisure.

Soft Pink Modern Buckle. The perfect feminine choice for the woman who doesn't take the whole technology thing too seriously. The blush tone of this wristband will match perfectly with cream and beige centered wardrobes…perfect for Spring!

The Link bracelet. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have this no-nonsense style, which is the perfect masculine option for men wanting the feel of a classic watch. We like the Stainless Steel color with a butterfly closure---With the large screen option of course.

18-karat Yellow Gold Case with Bight Red Buckle. Someday we're sure that Apple will pair with large jewelers such as Rolex and Cartier for their watches, but for now this is the closest option big spenders have to splurge on an Apple Watch . With an 18-karat gold face and an Hermes shade orange wristband, this style just begs to be stacked with other gold bracelets and rings!

Will you be sporting this new jump in technology, and if so which style did you pick? You can check out other styles and pre-order at the Apple website here.