Black & Strappy: The Jelly Sandal Grows Up

We all have had a horrible fashion experience in our lives. Some can even be traumatic. They always happen in high school, or our childhood when we're forced to fold to our parents tastes and/or whims. For some generations, it was the puffy jacket. Coordinating shirts between siblings. Frilly socks we couldn't stand. For girls raised in the 90s...never forget the nightmare that was: the jelly sandal

Modern black jellies with a lux twist are a different ballgame though. The rainbow glittered sweatcages we all loved to hate have now become a functional basic that are, well, sleek and effortless (and incredibly practical for almost anywhere you could be wearing them.) They've become minimalist, like the Tory Burch pair pictured, or low-key eye-catching like the Ancient Greek pair, with black silicone wings that easily update any dress.

We've gathered six updated styles below that will bring you back to the good parts of the nostalgic times.. Let your inner child out and click on the products below to shop!