Suds and Candy: The Ultimate Beer & Cheese Pairings


Wobbily Pops and Cheese make as big of a love connection as Wine and Cheese. Get these two together for an assortment of combinations. Sit back and taste the magic over good company under a spring scarlet sky and you'll be golden. Ready to be sent into a zone of delicious orbit? Yes please.

Here are 12 combos to make note of:


1. Pilsner / Wheat Beer with Burrata, Mozzarella, Ricotta or Fresh Goat’s Cheese

2. American Pale Ale / Beligian-Style Pale Ale with Brie (my fave), Camembert, or other creamy cow’s milk cheese

3. India Pale Ale with Goat’s Milk Cheese, Fresh Chèvre, Cheddar or Aged Cheddar

4. Sour Ale / Belgian Style Strong Ale with Triple-Cream Cheese or Triple-Cream Brie (now we’re talkin)

5. Brown Ale / Oktoberfest with Aged Goat’s Milk Cheese, Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheese or Manchego

6. ESB / Bitter with Aged Cow’s Milk Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, Asiago or Cheddar

7. Dubbel, Tripel, Quadruple with Mellow Blue Cheese, Pungent Blue Cheese or Gouda


8. Amber with Gouda, Cheddar, Asiago, Parmigiano Reggiano or Manchego

9. Barley Wine with Mellow Blue Cheese, Pungent Blue Cheese or Chaddar

10. Porter with Aged Sharp Cheddar, Mellow Blue Cheese, Cow’s Milk Cheese or Aged Goat’s Cheese

11. Stout with Brie, Camembert, Cow’s Milk Cheese, Cheddar, Gouda or Mellow Blue Cheese

12. Imperial Stout Oak-Aged with Pungent Blue Cheese, Mellow Blue Cheese, Cow’s Milk Cheese or Triple-Cream Cheese