Enhance your Outdoor Space

A big hello to outdoor dinner parties and retreating to your backyard for some zen and quiet. It’s time to bring the indoors out with inviting, inspiring and cozy outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a hanging swing, mood lighting, a vintage find or two— all it takes to transform an ordinary outdoor space is a bit of patience and creativity! Make your happy place come alive.


Here are six easy tricks to give your outdoor space an awesome vibe and add value to your home year-round:


Lanterns: I love candle lanterns. My home is filled with them both indoors and outdoors. And here’s the thing about these majestic fixtures… hung from a hook in the ceiling or placed on tables or railings they lend a subtle nighttime glow that presents new energy. They're also easy to move where you need them and require no wiring.

Outdoor Rugs: Talk about a revamp! All it takes is a rug. If your porch is covered, bring living room furnishings, such as a wool rug and bench, outside. Set back from the porch's open edges, they'll be safe from the weather.

Potted Plants: New life lives in potted plants. Let the m surround you! To turn a basic concrete or stone pad into an inviting outdoor room, you always start by creating a sense of enclosure. These colorful accents will add some vibrant personality!


Iron Pieces: Salvaged pieces are always a plus! You can mix them in anywhere, like using an old gate to peek up from the ground. You can even hinge a garden gate between a pair of wood posts to define your patio entry. Ornate wrought-iron pieces are at a fraction of the cost than new pieces and really bring out some fun character!



Mirror: Outdoor mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a window. The cool thing is while they widen a space, in opposition I think they can also create intimacy. You can always do a DIY project and make your own by fitting a cast-off divided-light window with mirror glass.

Bistro table: Romance it up! A cafe table or bistro set is inexpensive and small enough to fit on a tiny patio. Keep in mind: choose sturdy but lightweight sets for maximum movability.