Summer Accessorizing with SeoulLittle

During a morning run with a friend up the popular Runyon Canyon trail, I stopped to ask a girl to take a candid picture of us (if you don't post your workout on Instagram, the calories don't burn, right?) As she handed me back my phone I noticed she had a beautiful dainty gold necklace that said Los Angeles in cursive. It looked expensive, but was exactly what I had been looking for, so against my usual taste I asked her where exactly she bought it.

"Oh, some Etsy store….I think it was called SeoulLittle or something."

And so the obsession began. Being the queen of taking suggestions but never actually checking out that book/movie/song that's going to change my life, I remembered the name and immediately looked up the shop when I got within cell service. And low and behold, there were so many beautiful items that I didn't even end up buying the LA necklace.

I ended up with a pair of gold stud earrings…mismatched with one being a star and the other a moon. Amazed by the pricing (only $28) I was a little nervous that they would be mediocre, or fall apart as handmade things sometimes do (note to self: never buying jewelry on Venice Beach again.) But when they arrived, they were perfect! So much so that I think I actually liked them better in person. I wore them daily for a long time and they never tarnished. And no, I am not making this up.

So I wanted to share this gem of a business with you, because having such a great experience restored my faith in high-quality handmade products at a fair and extremely reasonable price point. The creator, Charlotte, hand designs and produces each piece locally in Los Angeles. My jewelry collection will be filled with Seoul Little every season from here on out!

P.S. They also make perfect wedding/bridesmaid/baby shower gifts!