A Lux Brunch: The Drinks

Brunch is a magical time when friends and family come together for fellowship in the name of, Fun! It’s almost as if time stands still when the brunch clock has begun, over delicious food and drinks. We’re on a bit of brunch kick and thought it would a brilliant idea to share some tasty drink recipes to dive into as we honor National Wine Day today! Brunch is decadence, served with a side of bacon… or infused in a Bloody Mary!

Here are some tasty concoctions, bottoms up:

White Wine (Happy National Wine Day) - A Crisp Glass of white wine to accompany your meal. Wine is always a win — we recommend wines that are light bodied with a fresh clean taste. Refer to this guide via Wine Folly.

Image via Wine Folly

Image via Wine Folly

The Lux Bloody - Get adventurous with your bloody concoction and make your guests swoon in spice heaven! We're pretty sure the concept of brunch was created to give people an excuse to drink a Bloody Mary before noon. It's also the most rewarding because the drink is wicked strong AND comes with lots of fixings. Better yet, mix up the bloody and then offer a garnish bar to ignite your fire!

2 oz. Peppar vodka
4 oz. Bloody Mary mix (We like Zing Zang)
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
4 Dashes of Tabasco sauce
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Juice of two fresh lemons
2 pinches celery salt
1 dash bitters

The Blend:
Squeeze the liquid out of the horseradish, then shake ingredients well with cracked ice in a chilled cocktail shaker, then strain into a Collins glass with 2 or 3 ice cubes in it; add a pinch of salt and a grind or two of fresh pepper, to taste.

Garnish Bar:
Baby Corn
Basil Sprig
Beef Jerky
Carrot Stick
Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese Cubes
Chili Peppers
Cilantro Sprig
Cocktail Onions
Cucumber Spear
Dill Sprig
Edible Flowers
Green Pepper Ring
Hearts of Palm
Horseradish – freshly-grated pinch
Jalapeno Popper / Pepper
Lemon, Lime, Orange or Grapefruit wedges, wheels, twists or zest
Olives – olives stuffed with blue cheese or peppers always impress
Onion Rings - hang 'em over a straw or another garnish!
Parsley Sprig
Pepperoni Stick
Peppers – pickled or fresh
Pickle Spears
Pickled Asparagus, carrots, cherry peppers or okra
Roasted Garlic
Rosemary Sprig
Scallion (green onion)
Skewered Steak Bites
Smoked Oysters or Mussels
Stuffed Olives - Stuff your own with bleu cheese, chile-peppers, garlic
Thyme Sprig
Water Chestnuts
Zucchini Planks or Wheels

Salted Rimmers:

BBQ Rubs - they're mostly salt and some are really tasty!
Kosher Salt
Old Bay
Sea Salt
Celery Salt or your own "concoction" of spices, Kosher salt, sea salt

The Classic Lux Mimosa - Grab a bottle of your fave bubbly, pick your desired proportion for preferred ratio and get creative!

Here are some added ideas:

Add peach purée to sparkling wine for a Bellini. Add créme de cassis for a Kir Royal.

Toss in some frozen fruit for an easy, eye-catching, edible garnish. Pour sparkling wine over a dollop of granita or sorbet for a striking presentation. A martini glass works perfectly with this idea, and the sparkling wine remains chilled and is slowly infused with fruit flavor. Yum!

Mix up your juices and add variety with different flavors, fresh chilled and ready to sip! What will you add to your bubbles?