A Lux Brunch: The Fashion

An occasion where everyone is drinking champagne but overdressing is equivalent to death…it must be time for Brunch! The leisurely meal placed perfectly between Breakfast and Lunch is one of our favorite occasions to get dressed for, whether we're dressing up or down for the occasion. Today we'll highlight some DO's and DON'Ts of what to wear on the most relaxing morning of the week.


DO wear something comfortable! Brunch is a time to really relax with your loved ones- having a good time is top priority! Leave the stilletos and tight dresses at home for a more formal occasion. Stick to sundresses or a nice shirt/pants combo that you can relax in.

When in doubt, a nice pair of dark denim, a white button-up, and a comfortable pair of nude heels is always chic and appropriate

DO dare to wear all white. A crisp white ensemble looks especially fresh in the glowing morning sun on a lazy sunday. Everyone will be impressed when you don't spill a thing on yourself either…which you totally won't. We have faith in you!

DO go with the flow(ey dress.) You'll thank us later during your third round at the buffet! Nothing looks prettier than a chiffon floral dress with plenty of movement. Accessorize with dainty gold jewelry (like these necklaces we features last week)

DO bring your sunglasses along! Brunch on the Patio is always better than Brunch indoors and squinting while trying to throw back a mimosa doesn't sound appealing. They're extra useful when you're tired or dehydrated from a weekend filled with too much fun.


DON'T wear sportswear or yoga pants. While this one should be a no-brainer, brunch seems to be the one meal that people either over-dress for or worse- don't get dressed at all. We know it's a casual occasion but it's also a great time to make memories and maybe snap some photos with your loved ones. Don't roll out of bed and show up!

DON'T overaccessorizeOn the opposite end of the spectrum, some treat Brunch as a formal affair, adorning themselves with every piece of jewelry they own before heading out the door. the key to a great Brunch look is effortless sophistication. A necklace and a watch are more than enough to pull your look together without going overboard!