DIY: Succulent Crown

We've all fallin' very much in love with flower crowns. They're dreamy, beautiful and everywhere! But what about succulents? There's something alluring about these little bursts of green goodness and they need to be taken to new heights! Here are a few easy steps to achieve instant royalty with a succulent crown / halo.


Thick floral wire  / Thin floral wire

Floral Tape
Wire cutters
Variety of Succulents


Prepare by setting aside your thicker floral wire. Create a circle that fits around your head and matches up where you want your crown to sit. Combine wires by twisting the ends together to make a full circle. Secure by wrapping the circle in floral tape.

Grab different succulents to create a nice variety for the crown. Cut the stems of your plants short with your scissors and create attachments with the thin floral wire. Take bottoms of each stem and insert thin wire. Bend the wire for security.

Wrap the stem with the end of the wire to strengthen the stem. NOTE: Succulents are fragile and will bruise and scar so you want to be tender with your wire through this process to avoid puncturing the plant / stem.

Pick a plant to start with. It will be best to create depth using different styles. Place it on the wire circle where you want it and wrap its wire around the circle. Pliers will come in handy at this stage in the game to squeeze the wires tightly together and to pinch down the ends to really lock it in.

Continue with your crown / halo arrangement by carefully selecting each plant to add to your creation. Place them on the wire in a location to your liking until your circle is full of beautiful plants.  You can then choose to deck out just the front half of the crown or carry the plants all the way around for a full crown if you're feeling FANCY!

Image via  Eucca Floral.  Explore other beautiful halos and creations.

Image via Eucca Floral. Explore other beautiful halos and creations.